World Earth Day: 5 Ways To Help The Planet

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For me, every day is World Earth Day but today is good reason to write a post about why we should care. There is no doubt about it, we take for granted the things that give us the most and often it’s not until it’s gone that we appreciate what we had.  Our planet is our home and it inhabits over 7 billion people and billions of animals. Yet we abuse it day in day out.

There is no doubt about it, we take for granted the things that give us the most and often it’s not until it’s gone that we appreciate what we had.  Our planet is our home and it inhabits over 7 billion people and billions of animals. Yet we abuse it day in day out.

We have evolved immensely as a race but it is coming at catastrophic costs to our planet and the lives of the planet.

If you think how our atmosphere differs drastically from the planet planets either side of us it’s a pretty remarkable notion in all honesty. Our atmosphere gives us humans and everything else that calls this planet home, the perfect conditions to survive on.

Yet, we pollute that atmosphere on a daily basis. Every day we chuck poisonous fumes into the Earth’s atmosphere. Every day we clear and fill the land with waste, we chop down forestation in order to factory farm and our use of plastic is destroying the seas and the majestic creatures that live in the sea.

We just don’t seem to care what we are doing to the one place we can live on.

It’s not like you can pop to Mars in case we totally screw up Earth. Imagine our race having to start from scratch again on a different planet? Moving 7 billion people to a different place that would take a minimum of 4 years to get there. Imagine the pandemonium that would erupt, the governments that would need to be formed, the anarchy! It just wouldn’t work.

Whoever you believe our creator to be, they/it made our planet and everything that lives on it, perfectly.

There are so many ways we can care for our planet and you can make small changes every day to help it. Don’t have the attitude of well I am just one, because if we all had that attitude nothing would ever change.

Here are 5 things you can do to help our planet.

1 – Go Vegan

Go vegan or at least reduce your consumption of meat and dairy. Going vegan would drastically help our planet because the amount of resources required in order to mass farm animals for meat is mindblowing. The water, the pollution, the plastic, the feed, I could go on. I’m unsure of figures but I am sure it would reduce the strain on the planet and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as a decrease in agricultural land demand and land clearing by a monumental amount.


2 – Walk More

Walking not only has amazing benefits for your body and general health, it means fewer car emissions polluting the atmosphere we breathe. Don’t get me wrong, I love cars and I think they are amazing. I love to drive and the freedom they give us is a gift. But we don’t need to use our cars ALL of the time. We can walk to school, walk to the shops, walk to a friend, walk to the park or by choosing somewhere more local to visit rather than driving miles and miles for something you can do on your doorstep. It just takes a little thought and consideration. Scooting or riding a bike also counts.

3 – Reduce Waste

Most of us are aware that the less waste we produce the better. Most waste is used to create renewable energy so not all waste is bad. It’s the non-recyclable waste that’s the issue. This is wear manufactures need to come in and make drastic changes to their product packaging sources. I say bring back the greengrocers – I used to love the smell of walking into the greengrocers as a kid. All that fresh fruit and veg – delightful!

  • Buy fruit and veg loose and without plastic packaging. When you weigh the fruit and veg stick the label on the item, it doesn’t need to go in a plastic bag.
  • Choose wooden toys over plastic, but if it has to be plastic, make sure you donate them after you no longer need them.
  • Say no to plastic straws when dining out and buy card ones for home.
  • Use your food bin – so many of us throw food in the general waste bin, I know I have been guilty of that but the food waste recycling is there to help us and the planet after all, food waste in landfill is harmful as when it rots down, it produces methane gas which contributes to climate change.
  • Have clear intentions when you buy something new. Question: Do you really need it, will you use it? and is it worth the money? By reducing the amount you buy the less likely will end up as waste.
  • Declutter: Donate, recycle or re-use. I love decluttering the home and it gives me a chance to re-use items I forgot we had, donate or sell old items we no longer need and recycle items that are of no use. Of course, there will be times items will have to go to landfill sadly. So what I do it make a vow I won’t buy that item again or I will buy a more eco-friendly version of that item if I do need it.
  • Don’t buy bottled water unless you have a poor quality water supply. We have a Brita filter and fill up re-useable stainless steel bottles for our drinking water.

4 – Use Less Energy

We all know this and we all know that not only is it good for the planet, it’s good for our wallets too. Air/line dry clothes in the summer, use a lower temperate on the wash and dry, limit heating use during the winter, switch off/unplug appliances when they aren’t being used, choosing energy efficient appliances, invest in a decent energy saving heating thermostat and get water efficient around the home. These are just a handful of things we can do to reduce energy. There are lots of tips online about how you can reduce your energy so there really is no excuse.

5 – Be More Conscious

In general just be more conscious about your day to day activities and how they have an impact on the planet and those around us. It starts with us and we can inspire those around us by being the first to make those changes and passing on good habits.

We only get one life and one planet. Let’s start proving we actually care.

Happy World Earth Day!

Light and love

Kat x

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