Why We Fear Our Light More Than Our Darkness: Guest Post by Expert Numerologist, Emily R Hughes

Why We Fear Our Light More Than Our Darkness: Reading Time: 3 minutes

Why We Fear Our Light More Than Our Darkness: Guest Post by Expert Numerologist, Emily R Hughes.

Being YOU. Who would have thought it would be that hard? But I would say that a huge percentage of people would run for the hills and dig a big hole somewhere if they had to reveal their true selves to others. Which begs the question: Why are we so afraid of our light? Surely it would be our darkness that we would fear most, not the joyful expression of who we are. Why would we want to hide our glorious selves in a veil of pretense and sameness, so that we can fit in and not stand out? It makes no sense logically. However, when we take emotion into account, it makes a whole lot of sense.

Emotions create our decisions, rightly or wrongly. So if something makes us feel uncomfortable we want to move away from it like the plague. We react in the same way as we experience the pain that we feel when we are in physical danger, and therefore justify that we are protecting ourselves from the scary situation. But in fact, we are crippling ourselves, because there is a difference in the pain we feel when we are hurt physically and the pain we feel emotionally. The pain we feel emotionally, from public speaking, will feel so uncomfortable to most that they will react as if it’s something dangerous. However, the irony is that the only danger is when we cannot shine our light and be our true selves for fear of being ‘seen’. If we cannot recognize the illusion of the fear of ‘death’, through revealing our true selves, then this illusion can be disastrous for our authentic selves and our emotional and mental growth as human beings.

We have to realise that we are connected to a Universal Source and that we are here to move towards that Source; some call it love, others call it God. The darkness we all have inside us is the Ego and is necessary for our experience so that we can make decisions and grow from what our emotions present us with. If we were perfect in every way, there would be no room to grow and no purpose for us being here. Therefore, the ego challenges us to be strong and move towards the light, even if our ego is trying to protect us and make us feel safe by staying small and fitting in.

These are the choices in life that we are continuously making with every decision and situation in our lives. To get to our heart’s desire, the ONLY way is to shine our light, even if it’s really uncomfortable at first. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway is the only way forward because it means that you are truly doing what you love and not what others want or expect from you. We will always feel fear if it’s something we care about. We need this fear to give us the motivation, adrenaline, and energy to push forward and to do the best we possibly can at that moment in time.

As my husband rightly says ‘Fear is your friend’ because without fear you will not care. And when you don’t care you are not feeling the passion and if you’re not feeling the passion, you won’t inspire and motivate others and you won’t be coming from a place of love. So when you turn fear around and see it as a powerful energy that drives you to do the best you can do with your passion, then you will come closer every day to where you truly want to be. As Marianne Williamson once said, “…as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” We then create a domino effect just by being OURSELVES. Imagine that!

So before you finish reading this article I want you to remember this:  Feeling that fear and doing it anyway only gives you more confidence and strength the more you do it. Only then will you realise that it’s not that scary after all. You may find that you even enjoy it!


Much love



Emily R Hughes

Transformative Numerologist



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