The Power of Self-Care

The Power of Self-Care Reading Time: 4 minutes

From time to time we all experience the need for some much-needed space. It’s usually a build-up of stress, being overworked, and strains from relationships or demands on general life. We can appreciate that we have obligations but if we have destructive areas in our life that require change, then we need to acknowledge this and reevaluate. In order to acknowledge and reevaluate, we need to have time to think and to think clearly which can be achieved through the power of self-care.

Every day brings noise whether it be from outer sources such as those around us, social media, or the internet or internal, such as our own disabling thoughts. It’s one noisy place in the big wide world and we need to be able to calm it down or stop it momentarily in order to be able to think with clarity.

As life inevitably goes on, it has the potential to get in the way of our well-being. We need to make ourselves a priority and we need to realise that we are 100% worthy of taking the time to practice self-care on a regular basis. The more we practice, the more we fill our soul which in turn, results in a fuller and more enriched life.

We need to understand that self-care is that it’s not a quick fix, it does unearth elements of our lives and shows us things we need to address, but ultimately, the aim of self-care is about healing and prevention. We practice self-care to heal wounds and we practice self-care to prevent damage – so be brave. Self-care is about enlightening ourselves, improving ourselves from within, taking care of the one body and mind we were gifted with.

If we continually receive negativity into our lives via our body, mind, and soul, it will be detrimental to us in the long run. Negativity can be received via toxic relationships/friendships, a haunting past event or self-loathing behaviours.

Let’s put it this way; if we knew one of our loved ones was constantly being walked over by others, always putting their needs at the bottom of the pile, never looking after themselves, becoming a shell of a person; how much longer do we think they could keep that up for? Not long right? But the more important question is why?

Why are they doing that to themselves? Why would they think so little of themselves to allow others to treat them that way?

So we need to ask ourselves the same question! Why do we allow ourselves to be put through half of the things we put ourselves through on a daily basis and question, have we got circumstances in our life that need to change?

The amazing benefit of the regular practice of self-care is that we can bring about that change in a positive way. It is absolutely possible to turn our life around in a positive and meaningful way. Make surrounding ourselves with the negative people and life-damaging habits a thing of the past. Those things won’t have the power to pull us down or hold us back any longer, we can regain the control!

Even if we don’t believe our life needs it, we can all benefit from practicing self-care and a wonderful way to get started is by getting started in the first place. This can vary from having a hot bubble bath, relaxing with a cuppa over a good book, meditation (which is one of my favourites), talking to a friend or going a good nights rest. These are all things that can kick-start the journey. The beauty of this is that each journey is unique, and each journey will open up new opportunities, and with each opportunity, comes positivity, growth, enlightenment, and love.

We start to identify key areas of our life that need focus, and the wonder of this is that we can start sharing this growth with like-minded people and join a community within that area, which helps us reconnect with one another and most importantly ourselves.

We get one life, we need to live it the way we were intended to live it and I am pretty sure the intention was to live it as full and as lovingly as possible.

I mentioned mediation is a wonderful way to practice self-care and I wanted to share with you an amazing guided meditation focused on healing. I recommend this highly and so many of my close friends have benefited from this. Cut The Chords and Healing Guided Meditation.

For more ideas and tips on self-care please visit the self-care section on this site.

Remember, you are loved and you are enough.

Light and love

Kat x


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