Non-Alcholohic Drinks List Everyone Can Enjoy All Year Round

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Regardless of if you are in the process of quitting, or already quit or even class yourself as a drinker still, this post is for you. Whilst the healthiest options are to drink water, I wanted to share with you a non-alcoholic drinks list everyone can enjoy all year round.

I’m approaching nearly a year since I decided to quit alcohol for good. It was a lifestyle change I had been wanting to make for a long time but it wasn’t until I had re-read Allen Carrs Easy Way to Quit Alcohol that I was free from this addiction.

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You might be the designated driver at an event, party or night out. You might just fancy something a little different to drink whilst out. You might actually enjoy the taste of certain drinks containing alcohol without the horrible drunk feeling, awful headaches the next day and potential anxiety attacks. You might even be allergic or get reactions from alcohol , suffer from depression or even looking to lose weight.

Whatever your reason, I have put together this list non-alcoholic drinks everyone can enjoy all year round.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks List

Rose Lemonade

There are quite a few brands that produce this or something similar. We particularly like Fentimans and Belvoir. Either way, I quite like to drink this drink from a champagne glass – as you do!


Non-Alcholohic Drinks List


Mocktail Mojito Classic

I used to love Mojitos, they are really scrumptious. I make a homemade version which is really easy.

You might also like this post: 3 Ways to Enjoy Mint – including the recipe for the mocktail.\


Non-Alcholohic Drinks List


Mocktail Mojito with Pomegranate

Using the same method above but add pomegranates either blend and sieve or just plonk some in. You can also do the same with raspberries.


Non-Alcholohic Drinks List



Cider always reminds me of summer, especially the strawberry and lime one. I happened to find the non-alcoholic Kopparberg one in the shops but sadly the strawberry and lime one is not 100% Vegan-Friendly. Apparently, the pear one is.

The Good Cider of San Sebastian is vegan-friendly.

Taken from the Kopparberg Website:

Q: Is Kopparberg Cider vegan-friendly?
A: We use gelatine in the filtering process for the alcohol ones but in the final product there is no gelatine left.

Non-Alcholohic Drinks List



Weirdly, after the birth of my twins, occasionally the one thing I had craved for shortly after their birth was a pint of larger! I never really drank that much beer, but occasionally fancied one now and again. I had a non-alcoholic one at Pizza Express recently and fancied it again and found a brand in the shops which tasted great.

Erdinger is Vegan-Friendly  

Non-Alcholohic Drinks List


White Wine

This was the drink that inspired this post. My gorgeous pregnant friend had a bottle in her fridge and I was totally shocked at just how amazing this tasted. I was convinced she gave me real wine. I have had about 2 bottles since – it’s great! They also do this in a rose, two whites, and a red.

You can even buy non-alcoholic Champagne and Prosecco! How amazing is that? Perle Blanc de Chavin is Vegan-Friendly.

The red Eisberg is vegan-friendly according to Tesco.

*Eisberg white wine and rose sadly use gelatine as a fining agent, however, the de-alcoholising removes but this doesn’t make it 100% vegan. (Even though I have seen this feature on other vegan blogs, Eisberg say it’s vegan and it’s under vegan wines at Tesco) 

*Although the end product does not contain gelatine and you won’t be consuming it, it still used it in the first place so to me, this is NOT 100% vegan in my opinion.

Non-Alcholohic Drinks List


Aromatic Tonic and other flavoured tonics.

This Fever Tree is much like the rose lemonade but not as sweet. Tonics are a fabulous non-alcoholic alternative.


Non-Alcholohic Drinks List

It just goes to show, you can still enjoy a typical alcoholic drink without the alcohol, drunk feeling, headaches, and reactions. There really is so much choice, it’s just a case of looking.

Please check labels to make sure it says non-alcoholic. It will say 0.05% to cover a possible light trace from de-alcoholising. Also for vegan-friendly version, double check with the manufacturer.

A great place to check if drinks are vegan or not is Barnivore

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