MPower Business Awards Finalist Social Impact Category

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MPower Business Awards Finalist

Who would have thought that from the ashes of a PND, being a single mum, and a woman on a mission to spread the message of self-care, would have led me to become a finalist at the MPower Business Awards? All thanks to my amazing friend Emily from Number-Savvy Numerology for starting this journey off by nominating me. She has been a rock to me these past few months and I really don’t know what I would have done without her.

To say I am ecstatic is an understatement. This means so much to me to be recognised for something that I am hugely passionate about. That’s why I created up Goodness Gracious Gift and this blog because I want every woman to know and understand their worth. My message is ultimately about making positive life choices, which result in accelerated personal growth, becoming more accepting and respecting ourselves and much more.

Goodness Gracious Gift


It’s easy to get caught up in the daily fights and struggles and that’s why taking time out to recharge, reflect and reenergise, are crucial to our healing, development, a better understanding of ourselves and others and on our journey of self-love.

It’s not easy admitting you have wounds be that of mental or physical, but those wounds need to be healed and we can only start healing by making ourselves a priority, and making a promise to ourselves that each day we create an opportunity to engage in something we enjoy, love, and that will start the process of healing.

It’s not an overnight fix, it can be painful to face, it will bring up things you thought were buried but by facing these challenges head-on with the aid and support of active and consistent self-care we have a huge potential to emerge out the other side.


Practicing regular self-care brings an abundance of benefits such as; reconnecting with ourselves, feeling more positive, being more connected to others, the ability to tune into our instincts quicker and more effectively, being true to ourselves and our beliefs without worry of what others think. These are just a handful of major pluses that improve our everyday lives.

The act of self-care can vary dramatically, it can be as small as having a bubble bath to going to a spa or, dining out with friends or cooking your favourite meal. It’s about taking the time to live in the present moment and do something that you enjoy, that you love and that will fill our heart.

It can be playing a game with your children, reading a book, going to the cinema, calling a friend. As long as we are present and can appreciate the beauty in the exercise, you have achieved self-care.

There really is no excuse and I have shared on this blog a variety of posts about self-care, feel free to check out the dedicated section where you will find posts about cutting ties with toxic relationships, 100 self-care ideas, the importance of self-care and how we can utilise it in our everyday.

MPower Awards

The MPower Awards take place next month (June) and I seriously cannot wait! It’s going to be an amazing night and I can imagine the atmosphere feeling quite electric.

A huge thank you to everyone who nominated me and to everyone that supports everything I do and stays with me on this journey. I love you all.

Light and Love

Kat x


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