How To Overcome The Pressure To Be Perfect

Pressure To Be Perfect
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I just need to put this out into the world and let whoever know that is reading this and that if they feel the same – they are NOT alone.  With more and more people sharing their lives on social media, it feels like every aspect of our life is in a constant battle and pressure to be perfect and I just want to spread some positivity over this grey area.

I know we have a choice whether we browse social media and the internet but it’s almost virtually impossible to not connect with the online world these days. So much of our lives revolves online. We are connected to bloggers and social influencers. Some of our, if not all relationships, seem to be starting online. We are surrounded by beach bodies, couples with perfect children, people starting successful businesses and some owning stunning homes. It’s all in our faces 24/7, 365 days.

Everyone else seems to have it all together! Now, I know that not everyone does but when you are feeling really crappy about your life despite everyone thinking you are the most together person they know, it’s not! It’s far from perfect – not that I ever portray it as that but I feel like it needs to be. This pressure to showcase the perfect lives seems to be the norm these days.  As a single parent to two growing girls, the want for more seems to be increasing.

The result is that we are left to feel like failures. 

That’s not a nice place to be left. Made to feel like we aren’t good enough or succeeding where we want to be.

I watched this short video the other day and it totally resonated with me. I try my best to remind myself of this message often, but when you are striving for success in all areas of your life by yourself raising two smalls it gets lonely and tough.

This is worth 4 minutes of your time – a must watch from Jay Shetty


What is perfect anyway? You will kill yourself trying to be perfect. There is no such thing and the quicker we all realise this warped version of perfect exists the better.  Our perception of perfection is a mixture of our values, beliefs as well as media influence. We need to accept that we are all different, we all have different abilities and gifts. Our journeys are unique and we need to embrace the person we are to become.


When we start looking inwardly and block out as much of the external noise of media influence as we can, we can start to appreciate our own lives. We can start to witness the beauty that already surrounds us.

I’m not saying that the journey of self-discovery will be easy and it might not be all that pretty either. We may face some fears, we may face some attributes that we don’t like about ourselves. But it will be part of the process.

Make Changes

No doubt during self-discovery there will be some fundamental changes to make. I know there was for me and it’s taken me the best part of 30 years to make those changes to my life and now, I feel that I am on the path I have always been destined to be on because of those changes. Those changes included going vegan, quitting alcohol, quitting coffee and taking care of myself more often.


By practising self-care we can go on a journey of self-discovery and soon realise we have all been gifted individually and that gift can change the world. I spent years believing I was an extrovert when really I have always been an introvert. Had I been educated earlier then maybe I would have made different choices. But I do believe the timing is everything and maybe I wasn’t meant to find out until later in life.

There are numerous ways in which your journey may begin on the path to self-discovery. It can start with the smallest of things which will simply spiral. My journey has been tough but full of such amazing lessons. We are all on our very own unique path and we really must do our best not to compare ourselves to others and stop using others success for our own benchmark.  We must set our goals based on what is right for us and in line with our values and beliefs.

Wherever you are on your journey, remind yourself of how far you have come already.

Peace, light and love

Kat x


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