How Homeopathy, Self-Care and Meditation Helps My Depression

How Homeopathy, Self-Care and Meditation Helps My Depression
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I have made it no secret that I have suffered from depression in the past and most people are shocked when I tell them because I always appear to “have it together”. Some are even more shocked when I tell them I have never taken an anti-depressant in my life.

Before I go on, I just want to point out that I have no issue with anyone using anti-depressants and nor do I suggest you don’t take them. This is just my personal preference and experience and I just wanted to share it. I have the utmost respect to anyone that faces their depression no matter how they approach it.

I can’t explain the who’s, where’s and why’s but I have always refused to take the meds. I have been prescribed anti-ds 6/7 times in my life. Possibly the most frightening fact for me was that the meds have ongoing mind altering effects. I have always been mindful that I would never learn from what I was going through.

I have always had an interest and healthy obsession in self-development. The need to keep improving, bettering myself and learning have always been a passion of mine. I would much rather read a book on ways to improve mental health that something that was fiction. I’m definitely more of a learner and facts kind of person.

Having found a solution that seems to be working for me, I thought I would share it with you.

Combination of Tools

Homeopathy, Self-Care and Meditation are a combination of tools that help reduce my anxiety and lower the chance of me getting depressed. I have since further reduced anxiety attacks since quitting coffee and alcohol and now I am about to tackle quitting sugar. Although I don’t consume that much, there is hidden sugar in foods that I want to eliminate completely.

My choice of holistic approaches most likely steams from a combination of being a complete sceptic about Pharma companies and how corrupt they are. It feels like we are constantly being controlled by money making corporations and led to believe this is the only option.

I’m not entirely convinced that meds correct the chemical imbalance in our brains. Or if they do, it’s short lived. I think the best way to rewire our brains is by doing it ourselves. But if we aren’t educated enough as to how, then I don’t blame people to turn to meds.

Meds just seem like a mask and allow the brain to think that life is OK as it is and doesn’t allow you to confront the real issues you are facing. I can only assume as I have never taken meds for depression. I have always been a self-curer for want of a better word.

Taken from Mind Charity

Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year.

In England, 1 in 6 people report experiencing a common mental health problem (such as anxiety and depression) in any given week

That’s a lot of people that have the potential of being on meds isn’t it?

Meds Aren’t the Only Option, But They Are for Some

My brother who has autism has a very low dose of a med that takes the edge of his anxiety away. But we have also made lifestyle changes for him and the results have been amazing. In this instance, I do agree that meds work or appear to work. Because he is not of mind where he can read a self help book it’s harder for him. But he practices mindfulness and we has now left a work placement which was causing him to have really bad anxiety attacks – so now he hangs out with me once a week.

I’m not suggesting that if you don’t have a diagnosed mental health issue you can’t take meds, but I totally get that millions have been spent in order to help those that have severe mental health issues. I think it takes a combination of tools including the want to get better.

I like the comparison of if you have a broken leg, you wouldn’t keep trying to walk on it. The same applies to depression or anxiety or OCD etc. I wanted to highlight that meds aren’t the only option. They are a good option for some, but don’t work for others.

If you are like me and prefer the more holistic approach but not sure where to start then my suggestions would be, still visit your GP and ask for natural medicine alternatives. My other suggestion would be to get in touch with the Helios Clinic or check their website for registered homeopaths in your area and have a consultation.

I’m No Doctor, This is Just Personal Opinion and Experience

Just to recap, these methods personally work for me and I have found them to be effective long term. I’m not suggesting these are quick fix solutions but they are an amazing alternative to what we are currently offered.

Again, I do not suggest that you don’t take prescribed meds, I am merely highlighting that there are other options available. It takes time to recover from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Some mental health issues are non curable (I’m only talking about personal experience and not generalising all mental health). There are some wonderful resources available and incredible charities working hard to support and help those in need.

I have linked to various posts that relate to this article, so please feel free to check those out and I hope you find them useful in your quest to beat depression.


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