2 Easy Ways To Get Focused and Organised With Daily Tasks

2 Easy Ways To Get Focused and Organised With Daily Tasks
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You will be shocked at just how much you can get done in a day using this simple method, read on to find out the 2 easy ways to get focused and organised with daily tasks.

From the moment we wake up until the moment we shut our eyes and drift off to the land of nod, our lives can be pretty busy and noisy which is information led.

Everywhere we look, there’s a blog post, news article, e-course, social media feeds etc. We are being influenced daily and sometimes unaware of the impact it has on our mental health.

Let’s face it – social media is a huge distraction.

We view other peoples lives through the lens of social media, which despite being a social media manager and a huge fan of the power of social media (when done correctly of course); social media can have a negative impact on our mental wealth and has lately been recognised as a catalyst for depression.

Equally, social media enables us to obtain the information we require, potentially introduces us to things we didn’t even realise we could need or want and allows us to communicate with friends, family and like-minded people.

It’s not going anywhere and why should it? It’s a very useful tool but it doesn’t mean we should spend our lives consumed by timelines and feeds.

We, therefore, have two choices.

  1. We carry on the way we are and waste endless hours on social media, getting wound up by other peoples opinions, falling into a negative mindset and being distracted from our goals or…
  2. We reduce the time spent on social media and only go active when necessary. Additionally, be more choosy about who we are following.

Sounds easier said than done and most of us are all guilty of acting out option 1 more often than not. Social media can be addictive. As a blogger, social media influencer, business owner and social media manager – much of my time is spent online but namely for work purposes.

It’s quite rare that I will sit aimlessly looking at feeds and timelines without it being work related and when I do it’s out of choice. But don’t get me wrong, I have spent time watching pointless videos on Facebook and I have quickly questioned why I would waste so much of my precious time.

Stress and anxiety played a daily part in my life, I got overwhelmed by the number of things I needed to get done in a day and now, I find most days if not all days I have time to spare now – despite having a very busy lifestyle.

I have been working on becoming more productive with my time and I have tried various methods and read various books. The amount I get done in a day without feeling overwhelmed is vast – which I will write more on soon.

Simply put, it’s all about focus and focusing on what is a priority.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by work and general life tasks and you haven’t read the book, The One Thing – then you should. In short, it enables you to look at things more clearly and departmentalise workloads or tasks. (not endorsed – I just really liked this book)

The One Thing

Slightly adapted method of my own using other effective ways to get this done. I, for instance, create a list and focus on each task at hand – committing a specified time to that task. I no longer try and juggle a few tasks in order to cram them all into the same space of time.

If you do that, it has one result, you end up extending the commitment to the tasks over the same period of time it could have taken to do them separately and avoid not getting them right the first time around.

Taking all that I have learnt over the years and adding in solutions that work, I now work on three lists a day. One is for work, one for general life and one self-improvement. If each task requires further action then I will list each action under each task as a subheading.

For example purposes:

1. Write blog post

  • Research subject – read xyz book
  • Read relevant material – read xyz article
  • Take Photos – set up flat lay
  • Draft notes

I like to separate my lists into categories so I can gain a further focus and motivation and it switches things up a bit and it doesn’t feel like I am all work, work, work.

Having a Self-Development list means I can focus on self-care, reading, learning French, writing my book, practising mindfulness, practicing gratitude, researching content, courses – all the things I am working on at the moment which improve my mind, body and spirit. PS: I even watch TV now – I LOVE Netflix Orginal series – amazing! This was unheard of for me before.

General Life list is ongoing daily tasks that need to be done around the house, appointments, classes, school commitments etc.

Work will be related to the blog, social media accounts, launching my new business and growing my online comic shop.


If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you will know I practice mindfulness and really enjoy the benefits of the practice. One of those huge benefits is that I gain and maintain a decent focus which sets me up in a positive direction for the day.I set aside a good 30 minutes per day to

I allow approximately 30 minutes per day to practice mindfulness but you can start with just 10 minutes until you start to want and require more, the more you practice.  I find I am more productive once I have achieved this before beginning anything else. The day seems to flow so much more effectively.

In short, switch off from tech, create your lists and drill down as best as you can so you can get an over al picture of what you need to get done and take time out to rest your mind so that you can focus on your tasks with ease and without the overwhelm. You will be shocked at just how much you can get done in a day using this simple method.

(Read more on mindfulness by typing in the search bar mindfulness and it will bring up all the posts I have written about mindfulness.


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