Making Good Health Choices and Planning for Them

Making Good Health Choices and Planning for Them
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As a blogger, woman, mother, business person, sister, daughter and friend, I have naturally set some high standards for myself. I want to achieve, I want to be the best I can possibly be, but at what cost? Whilst I am fully focused on all the above areas of my life I can’t seem to get fully motivated on my general fitness, which is unlike me – I usually love keeping fit and healthy. General daily stress usually sees me reaching for a G&T by the end of the day whilst I carry on working or tucking into a bag of crisps whilst I tippy tappy type away on my Mac. But I need to change – I need to lose weight and get fit. But how? How can I do all of the above and get fit and healthy? Does something have to give or do I need to get even more organised? I seem to have some mental blocks on fitness and health right now – each and every time I have attacked a new program, within 3 weeks of hitting it hard, I become unwell. My body rejects what I am doing to it and goes on shut down. The reason it does this is that I am making too many changes at once. I have come up with a plan to attempt to make the following changes within 6 steps.

Making Good Health Choices and Planning for Them

Step 1. Diet There is a reason ‘they’ say get your five a day and that’s because fruit and veg are exactly what your body needs. It doesn’t need to be costly either as there are plenty of frozen veg and fruit options which are just as healthy. Cutting out any kind of processed foods, high in sat fat, sugar, coffee and booze. That in itself will take some time and will need to be a gradual process.


Step 2. Sleep Here’s a really funny one – get 8 hours sleep a night. Really tough if you have small children/babies as you will more than likely be functioning on broken sleep which is super painful I know. My issue is I am up late at night working and trying to unwind from the day and late working. Again, I need to get organised and go to bed early. Hopefully, the lack of coffee will help with that and I won’t be wired before bed and as long as I practice yoga or mindfulness before hand, then I should be able to do it. So 9 pm bed for me from now on.


Step 3. Water  Ideally, we need around 2.5 litres of water per day. I am pretty good at this anyway, but some days I don’t quite reach the 2.5 litres. I have tried water apps but since I have decided to stop using my phone so much I will rely on a pen and paper to tally when I have had a glass/bottle of water. I am also thinking of leaving notes around the house to remind me the benefits of drinking water like having amazing skin and losing weight.


Step 4. Excercise I know how to exercise, it’s not hard but I need my butt kicked. I have various DVDs that I can stick on, I just need to do it. I used to love going to the gym, bike riding and running. But since the girls birth and being on my own, I am very limited so everything needs to be done at home. I will try the DVDs again but take things slowly and stop thinking I will have a body from Baywatch after one session if I push hard enough.


Step 5. Mindfulness If you are a regular reader then you will know how much I love mindfulness and how it helps me on a day to day basis. If I can focus my mind more on the here and now even more than I do, then I know I can make this all work out. I just need focus, discipline and motivation and this will come from being mindful and practising every day. I usually do 10 minutes before bed so I will stick to my usual routine of this and potentially add another mindfulness session during the day.


Step 6. Yoga I was thoroughly enjoying yoga, then it all got skewed and I stopped. It’s so easy for general daily life to push all the important stuff out of the way. Recently lots of stuff has been going on at the house like new carpets, beds and mega decluttering going on. Now I am nearly as far as I can go with it, it means a) it’s one less thing to worry about and distract me and b) means yoga is back on the menu! Hoorah! A good 20 minutes of yoga before bed and mindfulness practice is in order, I think. A nice wind-down especially just before a hot bath. As I am a creature of habit and need routine and something to work towards I have created a bit of a time table for myself and hopefully I can use this to get me on the right path again. It’s also really important to allow some days off too – I’m thinking of giving myself each Saturday off to enjoy a drink or something I wouldn’t usually eat in the week plus it’s something to look forward without that deprived feeling. I have also created a blank one in case anyone else wants to use it and look at mine as a guide. It’s really important to log what you eat so I have created a meal plan section and a food diary section. I am a sucker for this and know I need to log everything  I eat. Wish me luck!

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