Kicking My Butt into Gear with Zumba

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One of my lovely school mum friends and I were talking about fitness whilst on a soft play playdate a couple of weeks back and she happened to mention she started a Zumba class that morning. For ages now, I have been wanting to either start going to the gym again or start running again but I have had zero motivation.

The week that I had this conversation with my friend, happened to be the same week that my other lovely friend Emily from Number-Savvy Numerology shared the universal week’s energy which said this…

Taken from the Number-Savvy Good Vibes Community 

* 23rd – 29th April – 1 UNIVERSAL ENERGY WEEK *

This week is all about new beginnings and opportunities. Notice the ideas that come to you as this is a time to sow a seed of an idea. This is the beginning of the 9-week cycle and is the beginning of an idea or opportunity that will grow. Write these ideas down and embrace the new in your life.
You will feel a bit more impulsive this week and so it’s good that you can focus and channel this energy in healthy ways like exercise or other positive activities.
When the new comes into your life, embrace it because this is the Universe bringing you what you need to move forward in your life right now.

It got me thinking about how I used to exercise a lot – at least 5 times a week and I have gone from being on the go all the time plus working out a lot to being on the go all the time and working out as and when I can manage. Having PND didn’t help and being depressed about my weight didn’t help. The break up didn’t help either but I am determined to get back into shape! Not for anyone else but myself.

Over the past 3 years, I have been working on myself a lot, my self-care story began when I went for a cup of hot chocolate out of sheer desperation for some space and “me time from my very stressful and toxic relationship. That 45-minute “coffee break” became the pivotal moment that I began my journey so I will cherish it forever. I talk about this moment a lot on this blog.

4 & 1/2 years on from having my twins and 3 years on from becoming single, I finally attended my first Zumba class in nearly 7 years and I loved it. The instructor is the same lady that I used to go to all those years ago and she is really motivating and energetic. I felt very welcomed by the group and I can’t wait to attend again next week.

I think buddying up with a friend to keep you motivated really helps but even if we weren’t able to go on the same day it wouldn’t matter too much because the ladies there are so lovely. After all, we are all there for similar reasons.

Even just after one session, I felt energetic, my head felt clear, I felt that I was making a massive improvement in my fitness and weight loss goals. I also walk to the class and back so getting an extra 30 minutes walk in every day on top of walking to nursery and back is going to make a huge improvement.

When you are a single mum to twins juggling life, in general, it can seem hard to figure out where you can make changes but if we look hard enough or want it bad enough, we will make it happen.

On top of walking and Zumba, I also do 3-4 sets of kettlebells a week and toning exercises from home. Since going vegan, quitting alcohol and reducing my refined sugar intake I have lost 2 and a half stone. I still have around 1 – 1&1/2 stone to go but I am definitely heading in the right direction and without being on a diet. It really is a case of making better lifestyle choices and overall I feel incredible physically and mentally.

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