Give Blood, Save a Life

Give Blood, Save a Life Reading Time: 2 minutes

For years I wanted to give blood but never seemed to have “time” which is laughable now as I have even more restrictions on time than I ever have before, but now, I am finding and making the time to donate blood.

I really dislike needles, I’m not that great with blood tests – I have to look away. But despite my mild fear, I feel it’s really important to give blood seeing that I am a healthy young woman.

Donating Blood and Organs

I am also on the organ donor list because again, I am fortunate enough to have very healthy organs and I hope to continue to have healthy organs until I pass. It seems ludicrous to hold on to them when someone else in need could have their life saved because of it.

The need for blood is very high (even though demand has actually fallen), but the NHS needs around 6’000 people a day to donate to keep up with current demands. Donated blood can be used in different ways to help an array of patients of different ages.

Word of advice for any of my vegan, ethical and cruelty-free readers:

If you are considering giving blood, please read and refer to the Blood Donation website. You will need to ensure your consent is not given for use of your blood to be used in animal testing for other generic reasons – this can be discussed when they are taking your blood or at registration. Non-Clinical Use Information.

What Happens When You Give Blood?

Whilst I haven’t gone yet, my appointment is nearing. This is a great short video explaining what happens on the day and helps eliminate any fear you may have had surrounding this.

I will update this page once I have donated my blood and give my feedback on this. I am pretty certain I will be fine and they will put me at ease and fingers crossed, I become a regular blood donor.

Do you give blood? Or consider giving blood? I would love to hear from you and your feedback on the experience or if you have thought about it and what may have stopped you.


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