Why Quitting Coffee and Alcohol Was One of the Best Things I Have Done

Quitting Coffee and Alcohol
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Quitting Coffee and Alcohol

For years I drank coffee and alcohol and I saw absolutely nothing wrong with it and if you are reading this and still drinking then you’ll probably be feeling the same. Why would it cross our minds there is something fundamentally wrong with it? Everyone does it right? Everyone enjoys it so what’s not to love?

Social news feeds even suggest that you are part of a “club” if you share your coffee love and alcohol needs. I know that because I was one of them and my timelines were filled with these kinds of posts.

Before you carry on reading, I am not here to brag about how I quit coffee in an “in ya face” kind of way nor am I trying to preach. That’s the great thing about having a personal blog, it’s all about sharing your personal experiences.

Being the intelligent women that I am, deep down something niggled. Something inside of me always thought this can’t be right. When I drank too much coffee, I would feel sick and it made me jittery. I couldn’t function in the morning until I’ve had my coffee or tea and don’t get me started on what happened when wine o’clock struck.

It was like I was living for two parts of the day a lot of the time and surely that wasn’t right?

I finally decided to take action and assess my lifestyle habits and over the course of this past year, I’ve made some pretty amazing lifestyle changes which have enabled me to start living the life that I always strived for.

It was right under my nose but I failed to see it.

  • My long-term anxiety has diminished, my depression has lifted and no longer feels like I’m battling or fighting every day to keep my head above water.

Don’t get me wrong, I still get upset and low but nothing that compares to what I was putting myself through previously.

  • My relationships are stronger and happier.  Not to mention my level of self-love which has been turned up a notch and my self-loathing issues are healing daily.
  • My mind is more capable, my self-awareness is far more tuned in and the abundance of love I have to give is endless. Hatred really no longer plays a part in my life because I don’t have any desire for it.

I’ve often questioned are we actually all living in a type of hell and unaware of it? Are we mindlessly walking around in a gaping hell vortex surrounded by evil influences that prey on us? I know much of life is wonderful and we have so much to be thankful for but the coming out the other side of the countless brainwashing, you start to see things with clarity and for what things really are.

All I can say is that I’m free from so much of what was causing my life destruction including consuming animals, animal by-products, coffee, alcohol and reducing my bad sugar intake. I feel helpless towards loved ones that haven’t experienced what I have gone through but maybe over time they might. I have hope that the next generation will put an end to suffering and that the changes we make today are all contributing to that pathway.

Although I just stopped drinking coffee without aid, I did read the Allen Carr Stop Drinking Alcohol Book to help me quit which I happen to read a few years ago, but picked up again 3 months ago and so glad I did. I’ve also taken part in the Allen Carr Easy Way Sugar Free Program. It’s been a real eye opener and I am making even more positive choices. It’s so very liberating and exciting.

As always, thank you for reading and taking the time to stop by.


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