Detox Plans Starting with Coffee

Detox Plans Starting with Coffee
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You may have seen my last post about making good health choices and planning for them, well this is me planning for them. Well, rather I have just gone ahead on this one and started detoxing from coffee.

Billions of us drink the brown stuff known as coffee. Many of us can’t even function until we’ve had our hit of caffeine. Me usually being one of them.  I’ve drank tea and coffee for years and years and I can’t help but think that it’s doing damage to my body.

I’ve been known to drink more than 4 cups a day and in my early twenties a lot more… just to keep me going because coffee was fuel, not food. No Wonder I was a size 6/8 most of my life.  But that’s not healthy, just drinking coffee. I used to have milk and two sugars until I discovered what the side effects of taking coffee with sugar and milk were, so I ditched it yonks ago and settled for straight coffee.

It just seems the done thing, doesn’t it? We seem to be conditioned to having a cup of tea or coffee. But why? Well, it’s highly addictive, that’s why and since having the twins, I’ve relied on caffeine more than ever.

However, …

I know it’s not healthy and I’ve wanted to detox for ages. So, I gradually started drinking more herbal teas this past couple of years and I ditched tea about 3 months ago, which then lead me to finally packing in the coffee 4 days ago.

Day 3 was the hardest for some reason, the headaches were intense but it’s not helped it’s been the summer holidays, I’m on my own and I have my period. Not my best timing, but when is?

Instead of my usual black coffee as soon as I wake, I drink one glass of water and then I have hot Turmeric tea. Not only has it helped with my mega stomach cramps it’s helped detox from the coffee. That as well as drinking plenty of water too.

Day 4 and a few thoughts crossed my mind about drinking caffeine again but I have quickly reminded myself that I don’t like the feeling anymore. When I’ve had three cups, that’s most my limit as I do get jittery.

Despite having a tough week (because when is it not tough right? That’s life). I’ve managed to get through the first few hard days of a coffee detox and honestly feel so much better for it.

I’ve slept better, I’ve had less anxiety and don’t feel like I’m reliant on a crutch. Almost a freeing kind of feeling.

To further my research, I looked up the benefits of quitting coffee and it’s just firmed up my decision even more.

Here are just a few I found that we’re relatable:


No more jitters


Better sleep


Better mood


Decreased anxiety


Fewer headaches


Healthier diet


Increased productivity


General better health


I plan to make several other detoxes, but I don’t intend on rushing them and doing more than one at a time. I personally gain better results dealing with one thing at a time when it comes to things like this. Next on my list will be sugar, I’m already doing pretty well, there’s just a few adjustments that need to be made.

This is just an account based on my own experience and if you are looking to detox from coffee, you should contact or seek advice from a professional.


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