Detox: Booze Edition and Feeling Amazing
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If you follow this blog then you may have read that I am having a detox. I’m always having some form of detox from toxic friendships to things I longer need or that bring joy. This time, I am focused on more health matters.

Again, you would have probably realised by now I am a vegan (plant-based diet), I don’t smoke, I rarely take painkillers, as I mostly take homeopathy, I have just had a caffeine detox and now I am having a booze detox. When I say detox, I mean I plan to never let these things pass my lips again.

I know there will be many reading this and thinking what the hell? Has the girl gone mad? What on Earth etc. etc. But hear me out. I’m not about to try to convince anyone to detox – no, that’s not the purpose of this post. I am merely updating for my records and to share my experience.

I’m unsure of the actual stat, but the book I am reading said 90% of adult’s drink alcohol. Well, if anyone knows me, they will know I don’t like falling into majority categories all the time. I have no tattoos, I don’t wear piercing and I am a bit of a geek in all honesty.

I have been suffering with anxiety, I am a single mother and I work from home. My life can be stressful at times, just like anyone else’s and I turn to a glass of something when I am feeling beat, down, tired, exhausted and stressed. But I started to be more open minded about the effects and have been making changes over the past few months to test my suspicions. I never used to drink that much and the only time I really drank was when I was clubbing or after a DJ set. I always liked to keep a straight head.

I can recall when my drinking became an issue. It was when my ex at the time (when I was 22) was having an affair which I believe was the reason I started drinking wine every night. Eventually, I blocked the whole situation out until I was ready to deal with it. Then wine was just a part of my life because I lived every day, hating my life. Hating who he made me become for what he had done. Then drinking becomes habitual. When life got stressful, I used to workout but over the past few years I have a drink. Being on my own has reduced the consumption so it’s limited to when the girls are with their dad or if I go out. But those weekends I don’t have the girls, I was seeing it as a chance to drink – that’s not a good thing in my eyes. I need these weekends to workout, work and do positive things.

But whatever has happened has happened, I can’t change that. But what I can change is the here and now and I am so excited about being more responsible, mindful and present. Already I feel like a dark cloud has lifted and life is becoming easier. I deal with things so much more effectively than I ever did before. It’s still early stages but I am already feeling huge benefits.

I have abstained for months before and weeks before but always with a view of drinking again, this time is different and I have the Allen Carr Easy Way to Control Alcohol book to thank for that. I truly am grateful I downloaded this book years ago and rediscovered it again. Some things are just meant to be right?

My next detox is going to be sugar, it’s one that is already kind of in the flow as the food I eat is super healthy but I do still have sugar here and there. I am also mindful of taking on one thing at a time, so once I am fully confident about the booze situation I can then tackle sugar.

A real test will be when I go to a blog conference at the end of the month and I plan to stick to drinking water or OJ. It’s not the booze I am concerned about, it’s the questions as to why I am not drinking. I know my true friends will just respect it but like when I became vegan, I was under the spotlight to so many questions from those that didn’t understand despite me asking not to talk about it. But hey, when you do something that different to others, I guess it goes with the territory. Wish me luck!

Light and love

Kat x

P.S: Being free from all the years and years of brainwashing is most certainly exhilarating and I would love to know if anyone else is on the same kind of path as me? Please get in touch via social media or my email.


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