Depression and Me and Why I Want to Help Save Natural Medicine on the NHS

Depression and Me and Why I Want to Help Save Natural Medicine on the NHS
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I’ve made it no secret about how I felt the NHS let me down, in one of my darkest hours when I was in the throes of my clinical depression or post-natal depression. Each time I reasoned with myself to get the help I thought I needed I got the same response every time.

“You are clinically depressed, here is a prescription, come back in two weeks.”

Helpful, right?

I will never forget when I was 19 years old, I had left the surgery after being told yet again that I was clinically depressed. It was pouring with rain, I had no coat or umbrella and I sat on the curb getting drenched. This wasn’t happening to me again was it? I can’t bear the thought of having to fight this again was pretty much the thoughts going on in my head at the time.

My then boyfriend, picked me up after he had been calling and calling me. He got me home, dressed in warm clothes and into bed. It was a low point indeed. I knew I probably needed to get these meds but I had somehow managed to escape them before. I’m not sure why I was so bothered about popping these pills. Maybe it was because I saw no way to escape once I had taken them. I would then become reliant on them – that sacred me more than the depression at times.

So, I did what I always did – remained in the depressive state for a bit, read loads of self-help books and dusted myself off again. I had distractions like work to focus on which always helps, even now. I avoided the pills. I didn’t go back to the docs either as I felt better and thought what’s the point.

But depression doesn’t leave you.

I got depressed again, this time my boyfriend was having an affair and I turned to drink. Really good idea for a depressive hey? Drink became my escape. Poor choice but that’s how it was at the time. I am pleased to say that I no longer do this but even still, worth mentioning given the nature of the post.

However, there was a glimmer of hope! One of my best friends (she’s more like my sister from another mister) recommended I went to see a homeopath. I had nothing to lose except for the money, but I was desperate for some answers and some other way out of this other than popping pills and seeing my doc who wasn’t qualified to assess me.

The day I met with June the Homeopath was the day my life changed – I was suddenly sat talking to this woman who got it. She got me. That’s never happened before. I cried, again… that never happened before this point. I felt like I was on cloud nine leaving that first session. It was a real game changer. I continued to see her and take the prescribed homeopathic remedies and life turned and changed. I had changed. There was a way out from this hell that didn’t result in taking drugs.

Sadly, in 2010 I ended up leaving everything I had ever known in Tunbridge Wells – my ex, friends, job, home, life I had had for nearly 11 years. I came back home for lots of personal family reasons and I am so glad I did, because I got to spend quality time with my grandma before she got dementia and eventually passed away last year.

I returned 7 years ago, I was coping with things as best as I could but I knew I needed to seek out another homeopath which I did. I had further therapy and remedies that I paid for until I could no longer afford it. So back to the docs it was when I didn’t feel right around 5 months in after having my twins in 2013 and yet again, a locum doctor who prescribed me drugs and sent me on my way. No follow up, no nothing.

This time, I couldn’t wallow, I couldn’t rest, I had no time to think. I needed to look after my babies. My now ex worked over 2 hours away and eventually ended up moving closer to work Monday to Friday.

I am not going to lie… that was the toughest part of my life over everything else I have endured and I don’t make that statement lightly.

Recovery from PND has been hard. With no time to see my homeopath or have any kind of therapy I was alone in this dark place. I have recovered now and I put that down to self-help, my children, my mum and self prescribed homeopathy remedies. Despite not being local to the Helios Clinic anymore, I still order all my remedies through them and have been assisted over the phone. They are truly amazing.

I had never realised that the NHS promoted holistic therapy so I was stunned when I received the email from John at Helios to say that the NHS are making reviews on herbal and homeopathy options for patience’s.

Anyone educated enough to know, will know how corrupt the pharma industry is and with more and more specialists educating populations on alternatives, there has clearly been a dip in pharma markets. All they care about is money. They don’t care about us. You and I are just numbers to the government.

My blog is all about promoting a healthy lifestyle. I am hopefully helping others open their eyes and minds to the brainwashing effects we have all been subjected to since birth. I am finally going through this myself and the more I unravel the more I become free from the corruption.

Anyway, I digress… This post is about letting others know that there are alternatives yet they are about to be cut. There will be no choice on the NHS. Help is needed to save Homeopathy and Herbal Medicine on the NHS.

I’m not suggesting that drugs don’t help and I would never judge anyone that needs them, but there are people like myself that don’t want that as their only option.

Help Save Natural Medicine on the NHS

 NHS England is currently holding a public consultation on whether to cut homeopathic prescriptions from the NHS. These proposed cuts could mean the end of CAM therapies on the NHS. Once NHS services are cut they are gone for good.

Please act now and help save natural medicine on the NHS:


We are not powerless and here’s how you can make a difference:

1. Respond to the consultation (before 21st October)

2. Sign the parliamentary petition so we can reach the 10’000 signatures needed to make an impact.

3. Write to your MP

4. Get the facts and share the poster

5. Support the campaign and donate

6. Share this post


NHS England is consulting on recommendations to remove herbal and homeopathic prescriptions. Despite what the media have reported cutting homeopathic prescriptions will save the NHS less than £93k. The medicines cost very little and are integral to thousands of patient’s health and choice. For thousands of patients there is no alternative to herbal and homeopathic medicines. They either suffer such severe side-effects from drugs they cannot take them, or have gone through all other medications and interventions with no improvement to their health: in either of these instances homeopathy and herbal medicines are critical to their health. These patients will remain on the NHS and will end up costing the NHS hundreds of thousands if not millions more with conventional prescriptions. There will be no cost savings, there will be more expense, and patient health will suffer. Help save NHS Homeopathy and Herbal Medicine. Help the NHS save money, patient health and natural medicine

This is not a paid post – I am spreading the word out of pure passion and I want to support this campaign.