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It’s been 7 weeks since we broke up for the summer holidays and it’s been a very bustling 7 weeks at that. From play dates to birthday parties, from getaways to staycays – we’ve had something going on pretty much daily. The thing with the summer holidays is that it is a very long period of time not to have a set routine and I am craving routine right now.

Whilst we try to stick to a type of routine during the holidays, it is important to make the most of this time to unwind, relax, let our hair down and go with the flow. I know we are lucky that we can do that. But it’s equally important to have a basic foundation of a routine so that when they return to school it’s not so much of a shock.

I don’t allow the girls to go the bed too late unless they have a play date or it’s a movie night. It’s important for them to get as much sleep as possible. I also work from home and need to be at my desk for around 6.50 pm.

It’s been quite a challenge at times and I have found it a little stressful, but the girls have done their best to get their heads around it. After all, they are asleep whilst I work and out bedtime routine doesn’t actually change, it’s just bought forward by 30-45 minutes.

But 7 weeks of working from home, hardly any break, non-stop entertaining the girls is leaving me to crave some routine again and if I am honest, some space. For any parent reading this, will know that it can be intense having small children. They need and rely on you for everything. That is parenting and that won’t change even when they get to 50 – they will still need us.

But it doesn’t stop it being hard and that’s why I am looking forward to getting a routine back, some time to myself and time to do things other than parent and work. This is not selfish, this is normal and it will and has made me a better mother for it.

There is only so much one person can take until they reach a breaking point. I know I have banged on about self-care so much on this blog but this is a fundamental reason why I do. So many of us push and push ourselves – parent or not. We push ourselves to the brink of breakdowns because we are thriving so much for a better existence yet, we are taking care of the one person who is creating those changes… ourselves.

So hoorah to the fact my girls start school tomorrow. I am excited, anxious and fearful of equal measures. I am scared they will hate it but hopefully, they will love it. I am petrified of bullying and anything that might break their wonderful caring spirit but I have to be hopeful and strong.

This is the start of their schooling and they have this wonderful opportunity to learn from teachers and peers. It’s the start of a new journey and the reality that they are growing up. This is also the start for me to turn things around even more for us as a family. It means I can work on myself more, I can work more hours and be there for the girls exactly when they need me.

They know I work but they rarely see me work because I always try to work when they are asleep and until recently at nursery for a couple of hours in the morning. They are used to me being around for them for the hours they are with me with very minimal distractions and there will be even fewer distractions thanks to them starting school.

So whilst it’s a new chapter for them starting school, it’s also a new chapter for me and for us collectively as a family and I am excited about the future.


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