7 Changes You Can Make Today to Benefit Your Skin

7 Changes You Can Make Today to Benefit Your Skin
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As a nation, we spend billions on make-up and skincare. Do not get me wrong, I love a good skincare product and I myself have spent a small fortune over the years. There is this pressure to look good at all times and as we already know, the media have helped us fall into that trap.

Since I have focused more on my inner wellbeing, I have noticed a change in my general appearance, especially my skin.

These are achievable changes you can make to benefit your skin today and won’t cost the earth.

Drink Water

And plenty of it. We all know that water is good for us and we need at least 8 glasses per day. Water apps might help those that struggle to remember to drink water. I personally use a water bottle that I fill up with bottled water to get my daily water intake and I love and use this one from Laura Ashley.

Drink Herbal or Fruit Tea

I’ve gone through a coffee and tea detox lately. I am that person that had to have her daily coffee, I don’t think there’s been a day I haven’t drank it! I slowly cut out a cup here and there and replaced with herbal teas and now I am totally caffeine free. Read more about the benefits of a caffeine detox here.

Anti-bac Your Phone

Your phone harbours so many germs and transfers to your face when you use it to make calls – your skin doesn’t need that in its life and quick wipe with an anti-bac wipe will do the trick.

Eat More Greens

I know I am pointing out the blind obvious, but sometimes we need reminders. Greens are so good for your body and will make your skin glow when you eat them daily. Add spinach to a curry and better still, make sure your curry is a vegetable one. Since being on a plant-based diet, I have never felt so good.

Wash Your Face at Night

Sounds daft, right? Of course, you wash your face, but how many times have you just wanted to collapse into bed from being so tired? I get it – me too. I personally love a hot bath at night after a long day running around, but if you are more of a morning shower person, don’t forget to wash the daily toxins from your face each night – especially if you wear make-up.

Exfoliate Once a Week

Use a gentle organic exfoliator to give your skin a good scrub once a week. Rids dead skin, cleans and clears pores and makes your face all glow again.

Only wear make-up when necessary

I don’t really like wearing make-up as I like my face to feel free, so I only ever wear it when I have to. It gives my skin a chance to breathe and reduces the chances of getting clogged pores.

Share your top skincare tip in the comments below.

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