6 Ways to Encourage Positive Mental Wellbeing

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Daily life can feel like a drag at times and things start to feel mundane, boring and a bit like Groundhog Day. For most – that’s if we are honest with ourselves – because at some point during the year, we probably will experience the dreaded down in the dumps feeling; life can be stressful, hard work and exhausting.

For some years now, I have managed my depression. I also had PND post the birth of my twins and now I am a single mum who works from home. I would like to think I have some reliable experience on knowing what it’s like to feel the pressure of life and therefore have gained some ways to encourage positive mental wellbeing, which have helped me to cope in those harder moments that I would like to share with you.

6 Ways to Encourage Positive Mental Wellbeing

There are many ways in which you can increase a positive mental wellbeing and nothing achievable should ever be ruled out. So, here’s my 6 ways to encourage positive mental wellbeing.

6 Ways to Encourage Positive Mental Wellbeing

Time Out

Sounds easy, right? Sadly, it’s not and I’m fully aware of that. But, it’s so important to find a way that works for you.  Even just a simple task like going for a coffee on your own, spa day or the cinema (all of which I love to do). Write a list of things you enjoy doing alone or if you really can’t go it alone, book some dates in with friends and make sure you stick to it.

Start Talking

Typically, I am a person that bottles things up and refuses to talk about my feelings but since becoming a mum, I have changed. I understand the importance of talking and make much more of an effort to talk to trusted friends and family. I have in the past talked to a homeopath and of course you can seek help from a councillor.  Whatever the methods choice, talk it out and you will benefit from the release of those thoughts and feelings.


Our heads are noisy places. Our minds go a million miles an hour and thoughts just spiral out of control at times. The modern world presents us with chaos all the time and its hard work keeping up. Mindfulness is an amazing way of making yourself STOP!


Understandably, routine doesn’t always work for everyone but an element of some form of routine brings structure and reason.  It can be as small as giving yourself a small schedule to follow during the week.  It’s easy to wake up in the morning and think. I can’t be bothered. That’s fine. The odd duvet day here and there is needed. Planning gives something to look forward to and gives you a reason to get up, get dressed and get on with things.

Practice Gratitude

A while back I wrote 50 things that make me happy list. Seeing all the amazing things that made me happy gave me a lot to be grateful for. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the want state because we see others enjoying things on social media. We stay in a conscious state of wanting which stops us from receiving. 

When we practice gratitude for what we already have, we learn to appreciate our lives more and realise that material things are nice but are not the resolve. 

The process of writing a gratitude list can sometimes feel more achievable than saying them out loud when you wake up. Not everyone feels comfortable with that method. Start by writing one thing you are grateful for when you wake up – this could be the coffee you are about to drink or the fact you slept. Then at the end of the day, do the same. You can you use a notepad or your phone. 

Happy Places

Visit places that make you happy. Most of us have that special place where we go to think or not think and if you don’t, then discover one.


6 Ways to Encourage Positive Mental Wellbeing
Light and Love

Kat x

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