5 Traditions We Should Be Doing With Our Children This Christmas

5 Traditions We Should Be Doing With Our Children This Christmas Reading Time: 3 minutes

Some people don’t believe in celebrating Christmas and that’s fine. Some will be lonely, some will be frightened, some will be overjoyed, some will be emotional and some will be missing someone in their life. As much as I love Christmas it can be painful and I know that to be true for so many. But even in dark days, Christmas does bring a form of light.

No matter what, Christmas is a time for giving.  Ways in which we can give vary from our time to our money to gifting much-needed items. Giving to those that need it the most and if you happen to be in a position where you can help bring a smile to others, then it’s an act well worth doing.

Don’t get me wrong, I will do my best to make sure the girls have a wonderful and exciting Christmas. We have lots planned and we are extremely fortunate and blessed. However, I want to keep teaching them that we have a duty of care to those less fortunate, it’s an important lesson to pass on.

Here are 5 Traditions We Should Be Doing With Our Children This Christmas

Shoe Box Appeal

Involve them in filling a shoe box for the homeless.  On social media, you will see lots of drop off points for shoe boxes. Ensure your shoe boxes are filled with essentials – they often have ideas listed on the internet but here are some things you can add:

Wooly Hat


Thermal Underwear





A Christmas card

Sanitary wear for women


Donate old toys to a hospice for terminally ill children. Explain to your children that old toys that they no longer play with that are still working and in good condition, would be better off with a child that can play with them rather than shoved in a garage or draw. Check with local hospices first that they are seeking this. If they don’t need them, then look to shelters, women’s refuge or hospitals. Ensure toys are in working order, clean and not broken or have sharp edges.


Donate blankets to the Red Cross, Animal Shelters, Refuges and Hospitals.  Always check their requirements before you donate but most places would be pleased to see nice clean blankets. Your children can help you pick the blankets out, wash and dry them.

Food Banks

Add some extra items to the shopping basket when you can and donate to the local food bank get your children to chose and ask them what they think another little girl or boy would like to eat.


Clothes are always welcomed in most places, we always donate our clothes as long as they are in good condition and free from stains.

There are also many other ways you can get involved in local communities by helping others.  The famous Soup Kitchen, volunteer for a charity such as Animal Sanctuaries/Shelters, Age UK, a local hospice, The Samaritans or The Salvation Army. This will be circumstantial of course and not many of us have “free time” but where we can help, we must.

As always, thank you for reading and your continued support of this well-being, family and lifestyle blog.


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  1. 3rd November 2017 / 7:09 pm

    Every year we do the shoe box appeal. My children LOVE choosing the things and wrapping up the box. They understand why and who for and they realise how very fortunate they are to have what they have.
    Last year my daughter, quite randomly, asked to take a box of biscuits to our local hospital because they nurses probably didn’t have treats when they were working! She was only 5 so to be thinking of others like that, I was soooo proud of her! We’ll most certainly do something similar this year too.

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