3 Ways to Practice and Express Gratitude

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Ever found yourself indulging in self-pity? Yup, I hear you mutter. Haven’t we all? Bloody sucks when life can feel amazing one minute and then the next, it feels crappy again. It’s a “normal” cycle to go through and sometimes it will happen totally out of the blue.  I’m not suggesting it’s a totally bad thing to experience as, without the rough how can we enjoy the smooth?

3 Ways to Practice and Express Gratitude

The wonderful practice of gratitude is one people have been using for centuries and religiously. This is not a new practice and it’s proven to give the person practising the method some amazing outcomes. By practising gratitude, we re-program our minds into a more positive way of thinking.

We may have happened to be in the darker place because of a build-up of certain events, sleep deprivation, stress, worry, exhaustion etc. and our minds become a sponge to all the “negative” goings on. That’s why reminding ourselves of the good and more positive things in our lives just to give us that knock we need to swing back to the other side.

Practicing the art of gratification doesn’t always come easily to everyone though and some might find it strange to start with if you have never done anything like this before. But for those that have but need some fresh ideas or a little nudge or reminder of how amazing it is to practice; here are some ways I practice gratitude.

3 Ways to Practice and Express Gratitude


List writing

This can either be 3 things daily or you can write a one-off list, it’s whatever works for you. Just as long as you are writing something to be grateful for down each day or at least a long list once or twice a month no matter how big or small. Then start getting into a habit of writing 3 things down in the morning and escalate to 3 things at the end of the day.



Feel gratitude from within, by taking some time to meditate and think about all the things you have to be grateful for. Sitting in silence or with some meditation music in a quiet room for 10 minutes works best.


Say Thank You

Always always always say thank you to every situation whether it be verbally, written or in your thoughts. Expressing thanks to others will fill you with gratitude.


The feeling we get from expressing gratitude releases endorphins which is a natural stress and pain reliever. 

No matter what’s going on in the world, love will always win and no good came from hatred.

Stay safe, peace, light and love.

Kat. X

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