3 General Wellbeing Tips That Could Benefit Your Lifestyle

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As a long term sufferer of depression and postnatal depression, I feel equipped to shed some light on some well-being tips I have used over the years which have been exercised based on a motivation to regain some positivity in my life.

It must be said that I can only speak from my own experiences and need to emphasise that everyone is different and I am not promising that this is the answer but these are avenues that might be worth exploring. Always consult your GP before conducting any type of diet change, mental health issue or exercise regime.

3 General Wellbeing Tips That Could Benefit Your Lifestyle

3 General Wellbeing Tips That Could Benefit Your Lifestyle

You might find yourself here in search for some inspiration to start the first steps of healing or re-healing. Either way, my suggestions have come from a good place and I wanted to share what has worked for me and still does.

1. Yoga/Pilates/Gentle Exercise

When you haven’t practised, or researched this kind of exercise before, initially it can seem a little off putting because it’s the unknown. With a little bit of self-motivation and guidance/advice, it’s an extremely beneficial lifestyle change.  There are options to practice Yoga or Pilates from the comfort of your own home. Circumstantially it didn’t work out too well for me going to gym classes to practice Pilates, but I know many gyms do offer classes, so it’s worth checking out. Whichever way you approach it, it’s a great way to get your body moving, stretching and learn a technique that will benefit your body over time.

You can watch free Yoga and Pilates videos on the internet – I currently use Amazon Prime via my fire stick .

Gentle exercise may involve something like brisk walking or a light jog – walk to the local shops instead of drive, walk the kids to school or take the dog for a long walk.


2. Mindfulness/Meditation

Something I have practiced on and off over the years is meditation. I find it important to be able to switch off from everything – even if it’s just for 5/10 mutes a day. A build-up of general life becomes noisy and often brings on overwhelming feelings and leads to anxiety attacks. I have been reading some great books on mindfulness and found a great book to start with was Mindfulness Plain & Simple by Oli Doyle. It’s a no nonsense, straight talking, easy to understand book and perfect for beginners.

Following on from my reading and research, I then started using the Headspace app. The reason I chose this one was that it came highly recommended, it’s simple to use and you can sign up for free. It even reminds you to practice by setting an alarm in your phone’s diary. There is also another Headspace exercise to follow including a weight loss option, sleep and many others which I am eager to discover. They call is gym membership for the brain.

Another activity I really enjoy is spa days! I take so much enjoyment in relaxing and turning off. Usually, I struggle to switch off, always thinking of things I need to do, but with practice, I have mastered the art and spa days aid the process massively and I feel rejuvenated once more.


3. Lifestyle Choices

Consider reviewing your daily habits. Do you smoke? Do you drink? What kind of foods are you eating? Are you reliant on a form of drug or painkillers?

Taking a good long hard look at your habits is hard – trust me, I know. I have lived a wild lifestyle over the years and polluted my body with various toxins and sadly, I still do with alcohol, sugar and coffee which I am now looking to eliminate. Four years ago, I kicked the smoke habit and twelve years ago I kicked any drug taking.

One positive that has come from this is, I have chosen a plant-based diet and I am exploring the amazing natural, clean and healthy foods which taste incredible and I have never felt so good.

If you are looking at making radical changes after prolonged abuse, seeking the best kind of support is paramount as the addictions I have mentioned are all highly addictive and in addition, you could have to face deep rooted issues which could prove will be difficult. Therapy is always an option and one type of therapy I really like is homoeopathy and I have treated many of my “issues” with remedies. If you are considering veganism there is so much support out there and stay tuned for more posts from me about this as I plan to publish a resource guide in due course.

Whatever you decided, anything positive is a step in the right direction.

Good luck.

Light and love

Kat x



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