100 Self-Care Ideas

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We all know that self-care is important, don’t we? But if we ask friends, family, and acquaintances what do they do for themselves, the answer is more than likely and sadly, nothing! Which I find really sad.

100 Self-Care Ideas

I wouldn’t have done 3 years ago because I was one of those people that thought self-care is selfish, that I didn’t deserve it and I haven’t got time for it. Being a single mum to twins with PND and ongoing self-loathing tendencies I didn’t think I was worthy of it.

But it was out of sheer desperation that I took a leap of faith and took myself off for a hot chocolate at the local coffee shop to get a 45-minute break from all the craziness that had gone on over a 2 and 1/2 year period.

Becoming pregnant, having twins, a terrible relationship, practically raising my twins on my own and living with someone that chose their needs over mine despite knowing I had PND and hadn’t had a break from sleepless nights, copious amounts of nappy changes, and screaming babies.

I was one giant mess, I was overweight, I hated myself, my PND wasn’t getting any better, I was utterly exhausted.

100 Self-Care Ideas

When my now ex, came home one Friday afternoon I decided to leave him with the girls so I could take myself out of the house. Although it was only 45-minutes, I really missed my girls and when I returned I felt like I could deal with everything with a different headspace.

It was then that I realised that I needed to do this more often and I made sure that every Friday, I took myself off for an hour to do what I wanted.

Since then, I have been on such an incredible journey and I am on a mission to help women, (not just mums), to factor in some self-care. Experiencing the benefits has changed my life and I am not just saying that. I really was in one of the darkest places I had ever been and to be where I am today, right now is a transformation.


100 Self-Care Ideas


So hopefully you can appreciate the passion behind the reason for writing this post. I really do what to express, to as many women as I can just how important and how easy it is to make time for yourself.

It takes all of 10-20 minutes per day. More if you can, but a minimum of 10 is a great starting point. I want to show that you can do things for free or inexpensive ways of doing something for yourself.

Here are 100 self-care ideas you can use to practice as part of your journey to self-love and recovery.

  1. Take a hot soak in bubbles, bath bomb or bath salts
  2. Display your favourite flowers where you will see them every day
  3. Wear your favourite perfume
  4. Get your hair done
  5. Go for a massage
  6. Buy a new plant for the home
  7. Have a beauty treatment
  8. Go for therapy
  9. Watch an uplifting film
  10. Avoid social media for 24 hours
  11. Treat yourself and do some retail therapy
  12. Watch a comedy show
  13. Take a shower
  14. Exfoliate
  15. Have Reiki
  16. Read affirmations
  17. Have a nap
  18. Go for a run/jog
  19. Listen to happy music
  20. Plan a trip
  21. Visit family
  22. Go to bed early
  23. Go to an exercise class
  24. Meet up with a friend
  25. Go for a long walk
  26. Wake up early
  27. Go to the gym
  28. Visit a happy place
  29. Go for a spa day
  30. Delete old apps that no longer serve you
  31. Practice gratitude
  32. Do some crafts
  33. Go for a swim
  34. Write a poem
  35. Do some mindfulness colouring in
  36. Do some painting
  37. Declutter a room
  38. Put on your favourite outfit
  39. Cook your favourite meal
  40. Drink a healthy smoothie
  41. Drink some water
  42. Meditate
  43. Plan to detox
  44. Make a vow and plan to quit a bad habit
  45. Read some inspirational quotes and share them on your social media
  46. Start a new hobby
  47. Write down 3 things you want to change about your life
  48. Practice mindfulness
  49. Read a new book
  50. Dance – even if it’s in your living room or kitchen
  51. Sing – even if you can’t
  52. Text friends and family to tell them you love them or thinking of them
  53. Watch a life-changing film
  54. Go vegan
  55. Learn something new
  56. Write your goals and dreams down in a journal
  57. Go for dinner with your partner or friend
  58. Go to the cinema
  59. Volunteer for a charity
  60. Take more photos
  61. Practice yoga or pilates
  62. Do some gardening
  63. Have a digital cleanse
  64. Eat some cake
  65. Binge watch a Netflix series
  66. Sit in silence
  67. Say a prayer
  68. Say no more often
  69. Re-evaluate relationships
  70. Raise money for charity
  71. Join a book club
  72. Join a sports team
  73. Start a blog
  74. Write a letter to your younger self
  75. Create a happy jar
  76. Write down 50 things that make you happy
  77. Play a game
  78. Visit a spiritual place like a temple or a church
  79. Do some brain training
  80. Listen to classical music
  81. Light a candle
  82. Look at old photos
  83. Cry
  84. Laugh
  85. Scream into a pillow
  86. Look up at the sky
  87. Breath
  88. Learn to count to 10 in a new language
  89. Start learning a new language
  90. Walk in the rain
  91. Watch the sunset
  92. Watch the sunrise
  93. Recite Afformations
  94. Donate items that no longer serve you to charity
  95. Ground yourself
  96. Visit an art gallery
  97. Moisturise your body
  98. Have a good stretch
  99. Change your bed sheets
  100. Write down 3 things you respect about yourself

There are so many things you can do and I really hope this list inspires you to start putting yourself first.

100 Self-Care Ideas

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