3 Reasons You Need a Social Media Scheduling Tool

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With any blog turning out regular content or brand utilising the benefits of social media, it’s ideal that you make yourself familiar with scheduling tools and here are my 3 reasons why.

Before I get stuck into the reasons why I just wanted to go over what social media schedulers do.

To build your social media platforms, you need to share curated and created content. To sit on each platform every day rolling out content at all the peak times of day would be a full-time job and very tiresome.

The role of the social media scheduler takes all of that away from you. Sure, you must input the content but once you have filled your calendars with all that amazing content, it does all the rest for you.

The basic function is to share at optimal times on chosen days with text, images and links to where you want to take your followers/readers over your set up social media accounts.

Some schedulers go one step further and roll that content out for you multiple times without you touching the keyboard which therefore saves you hours and hours, freeing you up to do other things.

As the need for social media grows, the apps have too. There are more and more scheduling companies than ever and pretty much all of them offer free trials to help you decide which one you like before you commit to spending any money with.

I haven’t used them all, but here is a list of platforms that are perfect for scheduling your company/blog content out with including my favourite one which I find the best value for money for what it offers.

Not all offer options to share to all platforms so please bear that in mind and some that I have mentioned are specific to one platform



Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, WordPress, Instagram and YouTube


Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn and Instagram

Sprout Social

Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Facebook and LinkedIn

Social Oomph

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn


Pinterest and Instagram

and finally my favourite…


Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Google +


As I mentioned, you get free trials with all of these so it’s worth having a play around with each for the trial period (just copy and paste from each one as you go through them) and see which works best for you.

3 Reasons You Need a Social Media Scheduling Tool



It means less time on the keyboard overall. Ideally, you will have what is called evergreen content scheduled and you can either keep sharing by copying and pasting ahead or use a platform that does it for you. They are also very easy to use meaning it’s only one interface to get your head around rather than flitting across from platform to platform, getting distracted by notifications and timelines.



You can manage multiple accounts depending on your settings which means, everything is all in one place further saving you time and money and in addition, creates a more organised system for your social media content.



They are equipped with analytics which means you don’t need to go to each individual platform to work out what it is working and what isn’t, the scheduling tool does it all for you and most offer reports which helps identify what is hot and what is not. Meaning your content is relevant and you will attract more followers/leads.

3 Reasons You Need a Social Media Scheduling Tool


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