Turning My Home into a Smart Home

Turning My Home into a Smart Home Reading Time: 4 minutes

Gadgets! I absolutely love them and if I could always get my hands on the latest gadgets, I would be in my element. It always seems to be men that the gadget market focuses on, which annoys me – A LOT! I have always been drawn to tech – I’m not saying I am a whizz at it, but I love how things work especially if it makes life easy or entertaining. When I first started turning my home into a smart home, I had to start small. If I had the budget to go crazy, there would be speakers in ceilings, remote LED lights in all the rooms and that new amazing doorbell that tells you who’s at the door.

What is a smart home?

A smart home is a home equipped with automated smart devices that can be controlled remotely through a computer or smartphone.

Whether you’re adjusting the heating whilst you’re out, to lighting a room as you enter, smart devices allow you to tailor your home experience. Meaningless time spent on the small stuff, and more time doing the things you love ~ Hive


I started with a smart smoke alarm which links to my phone and alerts me to fire and smoke issues including testing via the app. When I am at home, it has a loud alarm and a voice to tell you what is happening. The smoke alarm even lights up as you walk towards it, to help you see where you are going in the dark.

Then I bought a Sonos speaker which links my Amazon Music, Spotify or iTunes which also links to the next gadgets I purchased which were, the Amazon Fire Stick and Echo Dot. Which all link together too.


Around 3 months ago, I was gifted a thermostat from nest which I have written about here

and most recently, I was gifted a Hive Hub and Hive Active Light – Colour Changing Smart Light Bulbs, which we have been testing out these past couple of weeks. Out of all the gadgets, the kids have loved the Alexa and the colour changing lightbulbs the most. I have also recently linked the Alexa up with the lights so we can interactively tell the lights to come on.

We also have a colour changing bulb on the landing light and I dim on one of the lowest settings for night time as one of my girls likes to have a night light on whilst she falls asleep.

Since the girls were old enough, we always dedicated Friday nights to movie night and now the ambience is, even more, relaxing with our colour changing lights – the only squabble now is what colour to keep the light!









As an active family that is out and about a lot of the time, being able to set the lights to come on at scheduled times is perfect for us, especially as the darker and colder month’s approach. Having the option to control the heating and lighting remotely from my app, is just beyond convenient. There will be no rushing through the door trying to get all the lights switched on, or sitting in the cold waiting for the heating to go on. Making coming home even more welcoming.

Having a Smart Home has contributed to making a house a home for us!

We were kindly gifted the Hive Hub and Colour Changing Light Bulbs. I was under no obligation to post about them but we are really enjoying them and I wanted to share with you, my readers. As a reader of the blog, I also have a wonderful discount offer for you.

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