Our Christmas 2018 featuring LaplandUK

Our Christmas 2018 featuring LaplandUK Reading Time: 6 minutes

I can’t quite believe we are nearly the end of January 2019 and just over a month ago, we visited LaplandUK again for our 3rd visit. The build-up to Christmas is the most exciting part for me and the girls and Christmas 2018 was no exception.

Our festivities began when one of our lovely friends organised a Christmas party with some of our nursery friends – It definitely got us all in the mood for Christmas. I love setting traditions around the Christmas period and I think they are important as it brings families together, reconnects you with friends, reinforces values and is a wonderful reason to create lasting meaningful memories.

It was to be the very first Christmas I would not have the girls Christmas Eve and Christmas day. I spent most of the year in pieces over this and was dreading the day. But to make the most of the time I did have with them, I wanted to the build-up to be as magical as the day and create those incredible memories with them and I succeeded!

Without fail, LaplandUK delivered on yet another magical day. I was sceptical initially as to whether it would live up to the first 2 times we visited but I need not have worried. This year, the girls were 5 and a lot more aware of pending celebrations. Even though they remembered everything about it before, it seemed just that bit more magical and exciting for them this time.

We arrived on Friday the 21st of December ready for the 1 pm tour. We’d previously visited end of November and early December on previous visits due to being so busy and a family ski trip to France. So it was a real treat to have the chance to go closer towards Christmas day, especially given the circumstances.

The girls spent most of the day telling all the elves how they knew them all because they had been twice before and the elves made the girls feel welcome and remembered. The attention to detail from the moment you arrive, to the moment you leave, is utterly enchanting and cannot be faulted.

Although familiar with the experience, there were still some subtle changes here and there. In 2017, LaplandUK had a logo design change which I absolutely love. They have capitalised on the brand as much as possible by bringing the core characters to life and being able to buy character merchandise – which I don’t blame them, but I did feel the village shop a little bit of a letdown. Previous years it felt like a Christmas shop, whereas this year, it felt like I was being “sold to”.

Even with being gifted the tickets to enter, there is still plenty of money to spend in the village. It’s a day out and you want to treat the family and make it the best day ever so you don’t mind of course. There’s the sweet shop, bauble shop, post office, food and drink stands as well as the restaurant and ain village shop.

The restaurant layout had undergone a change too which initially I thought looked great until I had to order. The options for each food stand didn’t appear to have anything “child” friendly from what I saw but there was vegan food – which was a huge bonus and wonderful to see that they are catering to different dietary needs.

For the first time since visiting, we actually managed to go ice skating. Previous years we’ve always avoided it as I’ve never felt confident enough to take them out on my own but this time, I was. Knowing they had been ice skating before helped. My only gripe about the ice skating rink was that it was drenched at the entrance and exit, there was no drainage for the water and both my girls slipped really badly on to their backs and spent a while in tears and in pain which was very unfortunate. There wasn’t any staff around to help me either, so I had to try and get them up by myself and we just kept slipping everywhere. I tried to make a joke of it to cheer the girls up – but failed.

Thankfully the mere thought of meeting the Mr C again soon distracted them and we headed over to Father Christmases lodge. It’s probably one of the most surreal, magical and emotional experiences. To see your child’s face light up with wonder makes it all worthwhile.

I wish they had LaplandUK when I saw the girls age, just how amazing and magical to meet the real deal and get to chat and laugh with Father Christmas. Thankfully, they made it on to the good list and each received their 3rd husky – we really have quite a collection now. Happy children indeed!

When we left, the girls were already saying, they couldn’t wait to go back again next year! I think for all the years they still have that magic of Christmas inside of them, we will go to LaplandUK. It’s 4 hours of pure non-stop magic, fun, delight and one of the most amazing Christmas experiences we’ve encountered.

Last year, I wrote my Top 10 Tips to Make the Most of LaplandUK which will give you some insight and ideas of what to expect and how to make the most of the day. We also created a video last year, which we love watching now and again to remind us of just how magical the memories we have made over the years.

After all the LaplandUK excitement, the following day we rested and soaked up all the memories and then headed over to the local panto with family to see Peter Pan. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful theatre on our doorstep which the girls love to visit. We topped off our festive fueled weekend with a trip to the cinema to see the new Mary Poppins movie with friends. All in all, the build-up was incredible and one we’ll never forget.

LaplandUK will be releasing access to tickets on Monday the 28th until the 1st of February. Tickets can be purchased here.

Disclaimer: LaplandUK kindly gifted us tickets to visit in exchange for sharing our experience on social media and my personal blog.


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