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After wanting to go to LEGOLAND Windsor for some time, I decided to take the girls just before the summer holidays. One of my best friends and I felt we should all have a special day out before our little monkeys all start school in September. My friend’s little girl and my girls have been best friends since birth and there are only 2 months between them.


I knew it wasn’t going to be cheap but even still, I knew it was going to be an amazing day out. The girls have been before when their dad and aunty took them. So although I am not veteran at LEGOLAND, I did do a lot of research beforehand and picked up some tips on the way and wanted to share with you guys.

Buying Tickets

It can be quite expensive to go to LEGOLAND depending on what days you go. They have green, yellow, blue, and red days.

Green – weekday, term time, standard working/school day.

Yellow – weekends term time

Blue – weekends during half term and summer holiday, weekdays during any holiday.

Red – LEGOLAND at Christmas

Once you have worked out what day you would like to visit, you will need to figure out what deals apply as some deals don’t apply to the peak seasons.

Deals to look out for that I know of are: 

  • Buy one get one free via the newspapers, internet or in local food stores with selected brands.
  • Boost Tesco Clubcard vouchers
  • Buy directly online 7 days or more before your visit.

Arrival and Parking

I would suggest getting to the park early – allow for traffic too as you’ll likely be traveling in rush hour if you are in driving distance away. We arrived at 9.20am (the park opened at 9.30am on the day we visited – weekday early July) and managed to park at the front of the main car park so we didn’t need priority parking as we did not visit during the holidays or weekend.

Parking costs £6 for standard parking and priority costs £12. Avoid disappointment during busy periods and book online for priority parking. For standard parking, get to the park early to get as close to the front of the car park as possible to avoid a long walk to the entrance.

You can purchase parking online or at the park.


The park is huge and even on a weekday during term time it was fairly busy (early July – great weather). I happened to spot a video a few weeks back about how to prepare if you lost your child and these tips were invaluable.

  • Take a picture of them at the place you are visiting – this is great to show passers-by what they look like and what they were wearing.
  • Put a wristband around their wrists with your number on – LEGOLAND supply these in the Guest Services area. Take a couple of spares incase your child decides to take theirs off or it gets worn/wet from the rides.
  • Explain to your child if they get lost to find a member of staff. I pointed out to the girls what the staff looked like whilst we were at the entrance.
  • Get them to hold your hands at all times or make sure they walk in front of you and stay close. In general, just stick together at all times.
  • If you know you’ll be visiting when the days get darker earlier on, the glow stick necklaces and bracelets are also a great idea to help you spot them or describe them.
  • Keep your children hydrated by taking water bottles with you and for sunny days ensure they are protected with sun cream and wearing sun hats.

Snacks and Lunch

There are ample places to eat and drink but this can work out quite costly. We took our own snacks and lunch. Snacks helped keep the kids occupied in the queue and they were healthy snacks rather than sugar-fueled snacks making them less hyper and actually satisfied their hunger.


If your little ones love the water, then take some swimwear and towels with you. You can store this in the lockers located at the splash park in Duplo Valley.


Whilst we did not have Q-Bot, I can most definitely see the appeal for busy days. It wasn’t necessary to have this on a weekday during term time as the queues were so short. There was only a couple of rides we had to queue for any real length of time. More details about how Q-Bot works here: Q-BOT Ride Reservation. 

Duplo Valley

Duplo Valley has a splash park with lockers located at the back with a park nearby, the area also has a couple of rides – so it’s a great lunchtime spot but it is very busy. We decided to store lunches here as we planned to eat in Duplo Valley and then let them run wild in the splash park afterward. Once we finished at Duplo Valley, we transferred all our bags closer to the beginning as we only needed to keep hold of a few snacks for the remainder of the day.


Take a few pound coins with you as the lockers are £1 for each use – so that means that everytime you open your locker you need to put another £1 in to lock it. It’s worthwhile as there is a lot of walking around the park and you don’t need to be lugging heavy bags around plus you shouldn’t be taking them on the rides.

Phone App

Download the phone app to keep an eye on the queue times and to find out more about the rides such as height restrictions etc. The app is worth downloading prior to visiting to familiarise yourself with the park if you haven’t been before. You can make in-app purchases too.


The girls really loved the look of the hotel so I have suggested that next year for their birthday, we stay there instead of having a party. I think staying overnight and having two days at the park would be ideal as there is a lot to see and one day wasn’t enough time to see it all. I was gutted to have missed the shows and the Star Wars Miniland.

They have lots of offers available to stay at the hotel so it’s definitely worth considering if you are traveling a long distance, you plan to take the park in a more leisurely stride or for special occasions.

Parent Pass

When I checked out the rides before leaving, I was really impressed by the number of rides I knew I would be able to go on with the girls together. As a single parent, this has always put me off theme parks in the past as having two on my own meant queuing twice and this applies to anyone visiting theme parks with two kids or more with friends with kids.

There was only one ride we needed to use Parent Pass on but I knew there were a couple more rides that required it, we just didn’t get round to going.

It works by queuing together, then leaving one child to sit in a waiting area near the ride (you do have to rely on your child to stay still and other parents using the service to watch your child – so it was a bit nerve-wracking) we were really lucky when we used it as the couple that helped me out were super lovely. It’s probably more ideal for older kids around the age of 7 onwards.

I guess you just need to weigh up if the ride is worth going on as they do have so many other rides that you don’t need to use this on.

It is always better to have one adult per child at these kinds of places, but when you can’t, LEGOLAND is such an ideal park to take them because the rides are parents of multiples friendly.

Annual Passes

We were really lucky that they had a special offer on that day to upgrade a full paying ticket to a LEGOLAND Saver annual pass for free. I decided to upgrade for the price difference (£5 each) to get the pass to access the park on green and yellow days. More about LEGOLAND passes here and they currently have a sale on – ends July 20th.


The park has lots of shops scattered around but we wanted to get a Lego set at The Big Shop at The Begining. We ended up in a massive queue but it went down really fast. I was really impressed at how the staff dealt with the queue. You can use their buy now and collect later service if you want to avoid the queues at the end.


As parents we all know how important toilet stops are right? I was really impressed by the number of toilets they had around the park and the fact they were huge was an added bonus – I always struggle to get me and the girls into cubicles, but at LEGOLAND, there was ample room. They also had lower sinks and hand dryers for the kids. The toilets we used were really clean and they were all themed too plus hardly any waiting times.


As I mentioned, there is so much to see and do at LEGOLAND, you do really need 2 days to make the most of everything. If you plan ahead and get an idea of what rides and shows you want to see the most, you should get everything done in one day.

They have categorised their rides really well so you can see on the map what rides will suit your children best. Always check the app for heigh restrictions per ride before queueing. 

Tiny Feet (0-3 years)

Little Builders (3-5 years)

Big Builders (6-13 years)

Family Fun

Other Services

As I have mentioned, LEGOLAND has lost fo shops, toilets and places to eat. They also have picnic spots, baby changing places, telephones, first aid, cash machines, hydration stations, wheelchair hire, pushchair hire, baby care centre and lockers. Look out for future special events coming up such as Halloween, Fireworks, and Christmas.

Overall I was really delighted with our visit, we all had such a wonderful day and can’t wait to go back. It was non-stop fun all day.


This is not a sponsored post, we just really loved LEGOLAND and thoroughly enjoyed our experience and wanted to share some tips to make the most out of the day. 


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