How to Survive The Summer Holidays With Kids

How to Survive The Summer Holidays With Kids
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At the start of the looming 6 weeks ahead and in some cases, coughs 8! (YEP!! 8 weeks off nursery here); there’s most certainly that shred of hope you are going to nail this MOFO this year. It won’t be like the last, oh no! We will play date, see family we haven’t seen for years and travel the UK wearing floaty dresses running in a summer haze.


It’s pissed down with rain 98% of the whole summer. What the actual???

When you have more than one child, you have to contend with constant and I mean constant bickering/fighting/killing one another/sibling rivalry. It’s not a pretty picture I tell you.

But, it’s reality.

We are that family that needs to be out out all the time, seeing people, doing something, making, baking or creating something. So, days when you just need to chill, or salvage your bank balance, catch up on emails/work, blah blah; they are the hardest. Damn, they are the hardest.

Said bank balance has taken a pasting, right? So, you kind of need to work some more to pay for the next outing. That’s unless of course you are already rolling in mula or robbed a bank lately.

Anyway… I digress (not like me).

I’m in my 2nd year of being in the ring as a “mummy on summer holidays” and I’ve got some tips to bring to the table like a boss.

A rookie I may be, but this is what has helped me survive (just) this summer holidays. I say this with baited breath as I still have two more weeks to go! ARGH!

How to Survive The Summer Holidays With Kids

The Parent Edit.


Regardless of the summer – I shop online, I’m armed with my smart pass and I’m using that baby to the max! Anyone brave enough to enter the shops of doom with smalls needs a medal.

I do around 99% of my shopping online – online is my life, my saviour. Perusing the aisles is a task for when I don’t have the girls with me other than when we toy/clothe shop for them of course.


Seek out the deals, do what it takes to make sure you have a constant supply of gin, tonic, limes, lemon and ice in your possession. You never know when you might need it. Other refreshments are available.


Don’t worry about getting fat over the summer – there’s no time to exercise – leave that goal/task until they return to school. Eat all the food, eat it all. You only get one chance – make it count.

Eat out too – ideal when you’ve been out all day, head out for dinner and let someone else cook and wash up.


Make sure you plan play dates with mums going through the same shizzle! You don’t need a mum telling you how amazing their summer holiday has been with their kids. That’s pure evil. Yes, we love our kids, yes, we love spending time with them – would be a bit awkward if we didn’t. But be honest with yourself – it’s hard bringing up mini versions of yourself. Or is that just me? Defiant, stubborn, strong-willed, hilarious, energetic, curious, constant x 2.


Whilst sat sipping away at your gin, in your scruffs, eating all the food, looking like you’ve been pulled through a hedge backwards after completing bedtime; make your life look fucking amazing on insta! You know you wanna, it’ll make you feel better – I promise! Bossing it.


I take homeopathic remedies, but stock up on whatever you need to mask, remove, aid the headaches after a day of hearing high pitched noises. Even more important if you went to softplay – need I say more? Well yes I do – don’t forget to stock up on antibac gel for the next online shop.


Get some playlists on the go of your music – take some time out to hear your beats, otherwise you get finger family song, soundtracks to Disney movies and nursery rhymes stuck in your head whilst trying to sleep.


I don’t watch TV that much. I say not much, it’s hardly ever. The only program I watch is GoT when it’s on and I watch films. So, have some sort of adult fix after copious Disney, Pixar and DreamWorks movie days/nights.


One of the many things I love about the holiday’s is having zero time limits. Not having to rush to get to nursey and doing as we please. I let the girls stay up late over the weekends, eat whatever they want (within reason), just relax the rules a bit. There’s no school to get up for so it doesn’t matter about being lazy now and again. Our favourite thing to do it watch movies, eat popcorn, dance to the movie soundtracks and then fall asleep.


Finally, I wanted to end on a slightly more serious note. Forgive yourself for the occasional shouting – we are all doing it. You are not alone. Mum guilt is there for a reason but don’t let it destroy you.

If you are a single mummy like me, then it’s extra tough as you’ve got no one to share the load, talk to at night and it all starts again on your own the next day.

The Summer holiday doesn’t last forever and you can’t re-write the day. Make each moment count, walk away when you should and be kind to yourself always. It’s tough at times, but it’s always worth it.

Light and love

Kat x



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