Unicorn Themed Birthday Party for 5 Year Old Twins

Unicorn Themed Birthday Party for 5 Year Old Twins Reading Time: 5 minutes

Since around the age of 3, my girls have loved all things unicorn and mermaids, but mainly unicorns.  So it made sense to throw a unicorn party for my twins who turned 5 recently. We had a week’s worth of celebrations starting on their birthday eve right up until the following Saturday.

Unicorn Themed Birthday Party

(these unicorn dresses came from Primark, shoes from H&M, tights from Next)

For their actual birthday, I took them to buy unicorn soft toys from Build-a-Bear, we also got the birthday bear and dressed both unicorns and bears. It was such a lovely experience for the girls, they really enjoyed it and the staff were super lovely. I had planned to take them to one for Easter, but realised the most local ones to us had shut down but thankfully found one not too far away. So this was their first experience of Build-a-Bear and it was really lovely.

Unicorn Themed Birthday Party Unicorn Themed Birthday Party Unicorn Themed Birthday Party

By the time we had finished at build-a-bear, it was time for some lunch. So we headed to Wagamama’s one of our favourite places to eat, for some food and drink before heading back home for movie night.

Unicorn Themed Birthday Party

The Party

For the party itself, I had been planning it for some time as trying to juggle work, general life meant I needed to do it stages. I had booked a local entertainer, thanks to another mum friend who has used at her party for her daughter earlier in the year. I made the entertainer aware we were going all out with unicorns so she ensured the theme for the balloons and face paints were all unicorns.

Unicorn Themed Birthday Party

Unicorn Themed Birthday Party

Unicorn Themed Birthday Party

The Entertainment

The entertainment was a disco party, balloon making (by the entertainer), lots of party games and even some magic tricks. She also created these amazing giant unicorn balloons for the girls towards the end.

Unicorn Themed Birthday Party


Unicorn Themed Birthday Party

For the Food

As the party was 3 pm – 5 pm, I just put on a snack box for the kids and had loads of flavoured water on offer for everyone. I decorated the tables with unicorn tablecloths, napkins, paper cups and the boxes. Sadly, I was in such a rush I didn’t get any pictures of the tables.

Inside the snack box:

1 packet of party rings (vegan)

1 carton of apple juice (vegan)

1 bag of crisps (vegan)

1 packet of raisins (vegan)

We did the cake right at the end which was a vegan unicorn cake. I would love to say I made this, but I didn’t. How gorgeous right? And all vegan.

Unicorn Themed Birthday Party

Everyone, of course, got a slice of cake to take home with their party bag. I sourced everything from eBay for their party bags.


1 packet of unicorn temporary tattoos

1 mini bouncy ball

1 mini slinky

1 bottle of bubbles

1 packet of unicorn love heart sweets

(in the girl’s bag, I did add a little unicorn bracelet as an extra birthday treat to go along with the unicorn pin that I gave them at the start of the party).

Unicorn Themed Birthday Party

The Outfits

I was so pleased when I found these cute unicorn dresses and headbands. I just thought, you are only 5 once hey? Dresses and headbands were from Amazon and shoes were from H&M, tights were from Next. It might seem elaborate to some, but my girls love dressing up so what better excuse than a party.

Unicorn Themed Birthday Party

But the main thing was, that the girls had a great time with their friends and their friends had a wonderful time too. I’m not going to lie, it’s hard work organising parties as a single parent who works from home but it can be done with a lot of planning in advance.

The girls were far too excited to wait to open their presents, so I got them in their onesies, got them comfy on the sofa, ordered take-out and we began the mammoth yet, fun task of opening more presents.

We are so grateful to everyone that made the girls birthday so special and for all the cards, gifts and love. I’m not planning on organising another party for next year, but they say, never say never. I do plan to take them to Legoland and stay in the Castle Hotel. We shall see what next year brings.


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