Alternative Easter Treats for Children

Alternative Easter Treats for Children Reading Time: 3 minutes

As the store shelves stock up with chocolate Easter eggs and sweets for the pending Easter festivities, I’m gathering up alternative Easter treats for my children to replace the traditional chocolate eggs with.

Each year, the girls get so excited at the prospect of the Easter bunny coming and hiding goodies around the house and garden. I usually leave a little basket out with bunny dress-up accessories for them to do their treat hunt with. I’m really mindful about the association between ‘treats and chocolate’. I don’t want them to associate treating themselves with chocolate all the time as I feel that would give them the wrong connection later in life. I’m not averse to buying them chocolate as I’ve always bought them one main egg and the rest have always been presents. But I do object to them being bought loads of eggs full of sugar, that won’t get eaten and this year is no exception.

As my girls are huge fans of L.O.L Dolls – who have everything from blankets to posters to over 70 dolls each! (I know that’s nothing compared to some die-hard fans of L.O.L Dolls) I buy them L.O.L Dolls for their Easter gifts as they make a great Easter egg alternative and last longer than chocolate to boot.

So when they wake up Easter morning, they will have these gorgeous textile pom-pom baskets to gather up all their goodies with.

For the girls Easter egg hunt this year they’ll find:

  • L.O.L Dolls
  • Bath Bombs (vegan)
  • Moo Free Easter egg (vegan)
  • Easter books
  • Squeezeamal
  • Pikimi Bubble Pop
  • Fingerling blind bags
  • Shopkins blind bags
  • Cuddly bunny
  • Little plastic eggs filled with small vegan mini chocolate eggs and vegan sweets

Last month, we made this sweet flower wall that is in the girl’s playroom – it really brightens up the room and is an awesome backdrop. It was a fun craft project to do together – albeit costly.

What do you think of our alternative Easter gifts? If you celebrate Easter, what do you gift your children?

We also wanted to take this chance to let you know that we have recently set up a YouTube channel. We have a few more creative videos planned – so please subscribe and look out for new videos.

The girls recently asked if they could be on the YouTube channel just like their favourite YouTubers – Ryan, Daya and Cookie Swirl. So we made this super fun L.O.L video creating an L.O.L Doll makeover and unboxing of L.O.Ls. It’s their very first proper video, so please give them a thumbs up! I think they did a great job.

Disclaimer: We were kindly gifted some L.O.L Dolls which we used to feature in the video and this blog post.


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