Dressing The Girls in Cool Comfortable Converse Clothing

Dressing The Girls in Cool Comfortable Converse Clothing Reading Time: 2 minutes

If you follow me on Instagram, you would see I do enjoy dressing the girls in the same or similar pieces. Personally, I find it easier to dress the girls the same because it avoids arguments in our case. They do have their own likes and dislikes, but when it comes to clothes they prefer to match.

They have a very diverse wardrobe and I do try make sure they have a variety of options and colours when it comes to their clothes. Even their dressing up wardrobe is diverse, ranging from storm trooper outfits to princess and pirate outfits.

As long as they feel good, I don’t care what they wear – it’s how they feel is what matters. But it just so happens, everything I dress them in, always looks super cute and super cool on them.

I must say, I love them in their dungarees and equally love them in cute dresses. Recently, I bought them their first pair of converse shoes and we love them! They are adorable, comfortable and wash well too – mega bonus points.

From their array of shoes, they always seem to want to wear ‘the pink shoes’ – another reason to love the Converse range, the colours are always bright and bold.  These pink ones go with everything. Plus, they are rubber and cotton canvas – we never choose leather ones.

I’ve always been one to have a travel outfit and we head off on our holiday soon.  I’m thinking of teaming their cool Converse shoes up with this equally cool Converse hoody – the ideal travel jacket. We’ve always had hoodies in the wardrobe – they are a great ‘go-to’ jacket. Especially as our weather can be unpredictable.  They will be super cosy on the plane plus for lounging in the evening – especially if the evenings are a little chilly.

I really wasn’t a fan of pink before but this past year or so, I can’t get enough of it! Pink is life right now.


Dressing The Girls in Cool Comfortable Converse Clothing


Do you have a travel outfit you like to wear or dress your children in? It’s nice to be as comfortable as possible when travelling.



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