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I think it’s absolutely categorically safe to say that we are all so fed up with the erratic weather right now aren’t we?Ā I’m no expert, but I think the ever-changing weather has something to do with climate change and the destructions we are causing but that’s a whole different conversation isn’t it? (I do touch on the subject slightly in this post about 5 Ways to Help Save The Planet but a more scientific opinion is given here, for anyone interested).

Either way, preparing for cold snaps and then heat waves in the space of one week can be a challenge. We never know what to wear for the day ahead and you need a versatile wardrobe to prepare you. I packed away our “winter” textiles a couple of weeks back because I was certain that exiting April meant we were bound to hit some warmer weather entering May.

Well, I was wrong, wasn’t I? It’s been so up and down from one day to the next. Thankfully I kept some clothes back, jumpers, cardigans and trousers. Essential wardrobe items that you can layer are ideal, especially for those living in ever-changing weather climates.

Erratic Weather

I sometimes dread the heating bill because with two small children to keep warm, I need to think about them. I want to ensure they are warm and comfortable. If it was just me, I would just sit in my really warm sleeping bag type coat.

Anyone with kids would know that you can leave the house in theĀ morning fairly warm and dressed in summer gear with hopes the weather will remain warm for the foreseeable, only for it to suddenly start turning cold and rain starts chucking it down on your return. This has happened to us a lot lately, leaving the house confident enough to leave the heating off only to think, it’s going to be freezing on your return.

Recently, we’ve had a nest thermostat installed and I initially thought my timing was awful because I wouldn’t end up using it but again, I was wrong. Not only can I turn my heating and hot water on from my phone no matter where I am, I am pretty certain my heating is more efficientĀ since being installed.

The old thermostat did its job but I am convinced that it wasn’t sensing correctly. I can set our new nest thermostatĀ to a goodĀ 4 degrees lower and it feels just as warm. It also tells me how long it will take to heat the house which is great if we are out as I can pop the heating on so many minutes before we return and it’s warm the moment we walk in. No sitting in coats waiting for the heating to kick in.

From the app and controls on the thermostat, I can see what the house temperatureĀ is even in eco mode. Eco mode is basically when you are away the thermostat is set to 9 degrees but remains on in order for you to keep using your boiler without heavy usage.

We already have a nest smoke alarm installed and I really want to get the doorbell next. nest as a brand produce such amazing technology that you can rely on and gives you peace of mind and overall I am thrilled with the service we have been provided so far.

You can find out more about nest products by visiting their website.

Disclaimer: We were kindly gifted a nest thermostat. It was my choice to write about it. Words and opinions are of my own and are not accountable by nest.

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