Ballet Classes for The Girls and Me

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I find ballet absolutely fascinating, I can get lost in the story and being a classical music fan, it just makes it even more enjoyable. I just wish that I participated in ballet classes when I was younger, apparently, I refused to even try. When the girls were old enough to start, I took them to their first ballet class and they absolutely loved it. But then the following year, they started staying at their dad’s every other weekend and classes fell on a Saturday which would mean they missed half of the classes.

Thankfully, I found another class local to us and during the week, however, they were no longer interested – which was super sad. They couldn’t understand why they couldn’t get to their last class. We made around 5 attempts to go to the new ballet class and finally my perseverance paid off because that started about a month ago and have been thoroughly enjoying it since.

I was so thrilled, that straight after their first lesson, I bought the outfits and shoes. But it got me thinking about my love and fascination for ballet. I have made some inquiries into classes during the day and have found a class local to me in the day and start in September and I can’t wait.

Ballet Classes

My initial interest in ballet came after I started a new pole fitness class around 8 years ago and I discovered an amazing dancer called Elena Gibson.  Elena is a World Champion Pole Dancer and trained professional in classical ballet and is the woman who inspired my pole fitness journey.

At the time, I really wanted to do ballet as well to but didn’t know of any adult classes. 8 years on, I have found a couple and have chosen one which I start in September and I cannot wait. It’s local to me and on during the day whilst the girls are at school – which is perfect for my circumstances.

As well as ballet, the girls go swimming and are very active kids. We always scoot or walk to nursery and are always outdoors. They also start rainbows in September which is another activity I think will be really good for them. All of these activities have incredible benefits but as I am on the subject of ballet, I wanted to highlight my reasons for choosing ballet as a class for us all to enjoy.

The main reasons I want the girls to go to ballet is for:

  • Exercise to maintain good health and keep fit
  • Gaining more confidence in themselves
  • The social aspect
  • Gaining skills

The main reasons I want to go to ballet are to:

  • Keep fit and healthy
  • Gain some additional self-confidence
  • Gain better posture
  • Be more mindful of what I eat
  • Relieve stress
  • Gain a skill
  • Lose weight and tone up
  • Self-care

The girls absolutely love ballet and I am super excited about joining classes in September. I will be sharing some of my experience on Instagram so I hope you can follow my journey.

Ballet Classes


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