A Psychic Medium Reading By Emma Kinsey

A Psychic Medium Reading By Emma Kinsey Reading Time: 6 minutes

I wanted to make it clear to my readers that my first email to Emma did suggest/offer I did a testimonial in exchange for a reading.  If she didn’t have the capacity to do so, then I wanted to know the cost as I would have gladly paid for her service. This blog post has been written purely because I wanted to share my experience with my readers.


For years I have been fascinated by psychics and mediums and I myself have had countless visions and gut instincts over the years. Predictions that have come true, not just for myself but for others too all of who would gladly vouch for me.  But how? How have those predictions come to fruition?

For now, I would love to share with you, some of my reading from Emma Kinsey, The People’s Medium. I would also like to take the opportunity to confirm that Emma had zero knowledge of who I was and everything that unfolded there was zero chance she could have found out or known about anything we discussed because I had never shared this information anywhere.


As we started the FaceTime call, I was slightly nervous, but in a good way. I had no expectations from the reading and I even tried to convince myself she wouldn’t be that good. But deep down, I knew she was going to be amazing.

The first thing she said to me was, “I just wanted you to know, that I gravitated towards you after receiving your email. I don’t need a testimonial or review as I really don’t need them.” Seriously – she doesn’t! Check out Emma’s page full of beautiful and heartfelt words from celebrities and people she has done readings for over the years. All out of this world.

Emma sensed I really needed some guidance. I didn’t even say anything that suggested that in my email. She continued to say, please don’t say too much just keep things minimal and let me tell you what I uncover.

Emma shuffled her cards and told me to say stop when I was ready to, weirdly I wanted to say stop at a certain point early on, but the sense was too strong so I let it pass until a more subtle sense was apparent. I can’t explain it better than that, but I had a feeling I wasn’t ready to hear what the first cards may have suggested.


Emma laid three cards but didn’t tell me until halfway through the reading what they were. A gentleman had come through who she immediately identified as being my grandad that had recently passed and told me about the emotional and physical distance we had but that he still loved me. She was holding onto her chest coughing telling me that’s how he had passed and that maybe there was something else going on but he knew he was going to die. I later found out he had pneumonia.

He was singing happy birthday but Emma said it relates to a birthday in December for the letter M and I knew immediately who that was for. Various other things were said that only I would know and there was no guesswork, it was straight in with the facts. I finally felt at peace with my granddads passing as I felt awful that I never went to see him and I was still slightly upset by the fact that there was this family distance. He had never met my children either.

Emma dealt with my tears so well and then moved on to someone else that had come to visit. She said, “You lost a friend recently didn’t you darling? Quite young, under 40 – I’ve got that he passed on or around his birthday at 39.” At that point, I burst into tears. She proceeded to tell me things only him and I would have known and I sobbed and sobbed. Emma described him to a tee and told me that he loves me and that he is finally at peace and that he also understood why I didn’t say goodbye like everyone else.

I sadly couldn’t make my friends funeral but hearing what Emma had to say about our bond and friendship, left me with a bit of peace in my heart – I still get upset about how tragic the whole situation was, but he will always be someone that never leaves my heart.

Past, Present and Future

After the emotional whirlwind first half, Emma revealed the cards. Everything she went on to say had me nodding in full agreement, She explained how I had been feeling deflated and not myself and that things were going to start turning around for me. That I have lots of things going on work-wise but my real passion is for my writing and that I needed to keep doing what I was doing – even more amazing things are going to start happening.

Emma even touched upon how I would love to have baby number 3, I have always wanted 3 children. Since I can remember and I always thought I would have. But after the breakup, that dream was shattered and I accepted that I would always have my amazing and beautiful girls and that was enough me. Emma has predicted that I will meet someone, get married and that I will have another baby which is something I have longed for.

Emma even knew that I didn’t want to stay in my house and that I want to move – again so true but only I knew this. She even said I had been hoping to move to sunnier climates and that it will happen, just not yet. So it sounds like moving is on the cards, a new man, a baby and even the book that I have wanted to write for years and years is too. All very exciting.


The call was 30 minutes and in that 30 minutes, Emma totally blew my mind. Everything she said had my mind whirling and my jaw on the floor. Emma’s energy was full of positivity and left me feeling like someone had flicked a switch in my head.

It’s easy to feel disheartened about life when it doesn’t seem to go the way you think it’s meant to. Recently, I have been struggling with the fact I am single as it’s been a very long time but Emma has given me some hope of my dreams of settling down.


Emma did not want to be compensated for her time, but I did write a testimonial for her because she literally is such a beautiful person inside and out and helps people in ways that others just can’t. She has a gift and she is using her gift in such incredible ways. Being able to help people the way she does is such a blessing and without the reading, I would still be feeling very upset about the losses I have encountered and disheartened about where things were heading feeling full of doubt.

Earlier, I mentioned about the shuffling of the cards and I am entirely convinced that if I said stop the first time, my grandma would have come but I would not have been ready for that. I miss her every day and I still cry every day. So I don’t think the reading would have commenced, as I wouldn’t have been able to function. f anyone is thinking about doing a reading with Emma, I just wanted to reassure you that Emma is so intuned she would only ever talk about things you are ready to hear. I really strongly believe that.

If anyone is thinking about doing a reading with Emma Kinsey, I just wanted to reassure you that Emma is very in tune and she would only ever talk about things you are ready to hear. I really strongly believe that.

I feel very fortunate that Emma did this reading for me and has kindly agreed to do another reading in 6 months time. I can’t wait to share what unfolds over the next 6 months and share with you my next reading.


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