11 Autumn Activities Ideal for Kids

11 Autumn Activities Ideal for Kids
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Keeping the smalls entertained whatever the weather can be overwhelming at times. You start running out of ideas and things to do and you want the time you so end with your children to be valuable and fun.

My two are constantly on the go and at one point I thought that relaxing wasn’t on their radar as we always had something planned but thankfully they do know how to stop, relax and unwind.

But for those days where you happen to have some spare time or need to create some fun for the smalls here is my list if autumn activities you can do wth kids.

11 Autumn Activities Ideal for Kids

Plant Seeds

I’m not a gardener but we do like to plant seeds, it’s fun exercise to do together and teaches your child how to nurture the seed for it can grow. The girls love watching this process and find it fascinating. I’m planning on planting some garlic bulbs and poppies.

Visit my awesome friend Mary over at My Model Mummy for gardening tips – she has an amazing house and groudn where she grows lots of flowers and plants. She also holds events so do make sure you check her out.

Paint Leaves

Use the leaves you’ve collected from a trip to the woods to use to paint the outline of the leaves onto paper. Wait to dry and hang up using a peg line or make cards from them.

Splash in Muddy Puddles

The muddier the better – one of mine gets covered head to toe in mud – she aims for the deepest muddiest puddles she can spot. Remember to pack the spare clothes and towels.

Make Mud Pies

Ideal to make from a mud kitchen but if you don’t have one, you can improvise with some old kitchen wear. Great messy play fun and twigs are an ideal “candle”.

Make a Stick Man

Collect some small sticks or twigs from a woodland visit and tie toegther in a stick man shape with some raffia or string. You could stick on some eyes for extra effect.

Go on The Gruffalo Trail and Use the Gruffalo Spotter

Great interactive fun to keep the smalls even more entertained on a woodland trail.

Make Foliage and Leaf Garlands

Collect some sticks and foliage and add some old fabrics you might have at home. Tie bands around the top of the stick with the fabric and foliage to make pretty wands. You could peg onto string and hang up afterwards.

Go Conker Collecting

I know you aren’t supposed to allow conker fights at school but you can still have a game of conkers at home. All you need is conkers, something to drill a whole in to the conkers and some string and off you go. Even if you just use them to hang them up for autumnal deco round the house, they won’t go wasted.

Pine Cone Collecting

Collect up some pine cones ready to be painted at home. Again, you could use these for some autumnal home decor in some pots or baskets.

Collect Different Coloured Leaves

One of the many things I love about autumn is all the wonderful colours. Get your smalls together to have a challenge whoc can find as many different coooured leaves and mae a note of the colours collected.

Go Pumpkin Picking

Find a good place to pick your pumpkins ready for carving for Halloween. You can download stencils for your design or free style.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. I would love for you to check out my other latest lifestyle posts.


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