Why it’s OK to Lose Friends When Your Life Changes – Get Perspective

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It’s a conversation I have had a lot over the years. When you get involved in a relationship, when you have a baby, when you move, when you start a business – it’s more than likely you will lose some friends along the way. But guess what… it’s fine!!

I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and nor do I want to be. I only value the opinion of those that really empower and support others, not the people that “say” they do – because talk is cheap!

Its a given for me to go out of my way for others, I love seeing others become successful, I enjoy helping others become successful and I take a great deal of satisfaction from that because that’s what empowering and supporting others looks like.

However, what I will not accept are takers who take advantage of my giving nature. When someone or a collective set of people take and take, it drains you of your energy resources and places you in a negative zone… which is not good.

So that’s why it’s totally fine to lose these kinds of people in your life – they will just hold you back. But they are there for a reason and those two reasons are…

  1. They help you identify your real friends (if you hadn’t realised already), those real friends are the ones who have your back and will support you no matter what.

  2. They provided you with lessons. They helped you realise your worth and made you stronger for it without becoming a bitch in the process.

There will always be positive in a negative situation, it’s your mindset that needs changing.

Why it's OK to Lose Friends When Your Life Changes - Get Perspective

It is hard to lose friends, I get that. But if they are going to behave in ways that stop you from living your life in the best way that you can, then they are not real friends.

I am a firm believer in going through emotional processes but I am also a firm believer we just need to crack on and get on with our lives. Dwelling won’t do you or the people around you any good.

Investing your energy in your new-found life is far more productive and fulling. Investing in the real friendships will create more love in your life. Give love and get love back – it really is that simple.

If you happen to be at a crossroads with a friend that doesn’t support you, causes you anxiety, puts you down, holds you back and shows no trace of lifting you, supporting you or ever being there for you – then I personally would walk away.

Avoid any negative confrontation and walk away with as many positive thoughts as you can. Send that person good vibes, genuinely wish them well in your mind and it will close naturally. When walking away from people, it doesn’t have to be messy, full of hatred or negative.

I have walked away from many people in my life throughout their destructive behaviours and I haven’t regretted any of them. Why? because I have surrounded myself with some amazing and incredible people that deserve my support and love.

Light and love

Kat x

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