When I started blogging over 3 years ago, I had zero clue when I began. I spent hours and hours trying to find the answer to basic questions trying to figure everything out. Time, effort and energy all whilst having new born twins.

Over the course of what I learned, I often wished that I had known many things before I began blogging which would have saved me time, effort and money. I wasted money on things I REALLY did not need.

Blogging began as a cathartic hobby which quickly became something I could make money from and I was suddenly getting items sent to me and being paid to write not only on my blog, but for other online publications too. The opportunities through blogging I have had have been incredible and worked with some amazing brands.  To name a few, Laura Ashley, Bluestone Wales, Sanctuary Spa, Champneys, MAM UK, Trunki, Lapland UK, Dermalogica, Micro Scooters, Green People and many many more. 

I quickly started to earn an income too which felt amazing, especially as there was no chance of me returning to my old job.

I’ve been published on Huffington Post, Selfish Mother, Laura Ashley, Netmums, The Baby Centre, Magazine.co.uk and many more high profile online publications.

The opportunities that blogging has provided haven’t just been financial gains; I have forged friendships, it’s kept me sane at times, it’s given me my confidence back, it made me realise I can achieve things I least expected. Blogging HAS changed my life, as clique as that sounds.

I go to press events, I hang out with friends, I get paid to write, I work with amazing brands and PR companies and I also get to help others start their own blogs. I do have to pinch myself at times.

The blog consulting started a while back and I’ve loved nothing more than helping others see their worth, guide them in the right direction and boost their confidence to help them accelerate their journeys into blogging which has managed to eliminate some pain barriers.

That’s why The Blogventure Project was born. I wanted to be able to put everything I knew in one accessible place for others to benefit from but without it costing a ton of money.

Therefore, The Blogventure Project kicks off with its first blogging course – Blog Beginnings, a 6-week online portal course that I have designed in a step-by-step manner which takes you through from start to launch stages, ideal for beginners.


“Kat’s help has really been invaluable. Whether it’s the wealth of practical advice or the emotional support I needed through difficult times.
I am so happy I’ve been able to work with her to start and expand my work.
Kat has helped me from the very beginning, starting out to then expanding gradually at a pace that suits me. I have never felt put down or made to feel silly if I wasn’t sure on something.
Kat builds you up and gets to know YOU and what YOU want individually and tailors her sessions to that rather than a one size fits all approach.
Overall I can’t recommend Kat enough. If you do decide to work with Kat in any capacity I am certain that you won’t be disappointed.”
~ From Amy at Amy’s Boarderline World


A 6-week online blogging course for all blog beginners and aspiring bloggers, packed with everything you need to know to get your blogging journey off to a start.


Inside the Course Portal:

Discover your blog purpose

Blog tech – domains, hosting, themes, widgets, plugins and more

Content ideas and etiquette

Social Media platforms, scheduling and strategy

SEO, SEO boosting, traffic sources and more

Basic blog branding

No more confusion

No more fear and putting it off

Course Price: £9.97


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