Self-Care for Female Entrepreneurs

Self-Care for Female Entrepreneurs
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There’s no non-woo-woo way to go about this… it is what it is. As a female entrepreneur, we need to book in self-care. Simple.

Our aims are high, we want to be the best, we want to achieve the best and we want to know the best ways to do things.  It takes time and lots of it. You forfeit date nights, time with the kids, time with friends and it’s just you and your focus making sure your ideas become a reality.

As natural givers, we end up spending what spare time we have trying to please others even though we are giving every day through our businesses and general life. But we fail to see it like that. We fail to see that we are always giving somewhere and actually we need to give something back to ourselves.

Let’s say that you have blocked out time to work on your projects in one part of the day and the other for chores and the other for kids and the other for a partner and the other for admin and general life. The to-do list is never ending and it can feel very overwhelming and don’t forget you need to sleep. Late nights working take it tolls so really you should be getting 8 hours sleep a night – but like any entrepreneur knows, that’s sometimes impossible when you have so much to do on one day.  But the question is… Where in that schedule have you made time for you?

When I was 21 I lived with my boyfriend in a flat in Tunbridge Wells. I worked full time, I started an import business, I DJ’d and I helped him promote his events. I was up at 5 am every morning and worked solidly until 12 at night. I did all my daily work, in lunch breaks I would work on my import business. After work, I would come home to mess and washing up which I always ended up doing 80% of the time because I needed to get the darn dinner on! Then I would head back to the warehouse do sort more orders, come back eat and then continuing working through the night.  I was let down by my fulfilment company and ended up having to package and send all the items. I was shifting around 40 a day. I did nothing for me! Nothing. I ran myself into the ground for 3 years and achieved a lot but also lost a lot.

I learnt a great deal about my situation and I vowed I wouldn’t end up like that again. That feeling of no control, constant slogging away, feeling like there’s no way out of your situation but all you keep doing is working harder. If I had been given the chance to take a break and have the support I needed, it would have been a success. But I have to put it down to that fact it wasn’t meant to be which I am kind of grateful for because my life turned around for the better.

I feel that we are sometimes we aren’t meant to go down paths that we initially had dreamt about but those experiences are lessons and we learn from them. I wouldn’t change anything I did and I don’t live life with regrets because I always take something from the situation and learn from it no matter how difficult the situation.

I have since set up other business’ and in the process taking all the lessons of the past, so I can vouch for both ends of the spectrum. My blog is all about helping others achieve in their field by applying my learnt methods. Not just the practical aspect but the spiritual growth and gains in business and life as an entrepreneur.

Practicing a certain level of self care could make the difference between a good decision or a bad one! I should know, I have been there.

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The pressure we put on ourselves is the one thing that will stop us from creating the life we have always dreamed of. So in theory, you are the one thing from stopping yourself from living the life you want. It’s not selfish and you definitely shouldn’t beat yourself up.

Please take some time to read the above posts, I know they will help. They have already helped hundreds of other women who have messaged to tell me how things started to turn around for them by making these changes. Happy Reading!

Final note:

Self-Care for Female Entrepreneurs

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