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There aren’t many times in my life the words “mum, I’m going to be on the radio” have left my mouth! But that’s exactly what I did say when I got contacted by my local radio station. To give you some context, I have made it to the finals of the MPower National Business Awards after being nominated back in April. Unbeknown to me, after the judges made their grueling decisions from thousands of entries, that I found myself as a finalist in none other than, the ‘Social Impact’ category for my new business Goodness Gracious Gift.

MPower Business Awards Finalist

I started Goodness Gracious Gift in April, but it was an idea of mine from much further back and inspired by the recovery of PND (Postnatal Depression). I had gone on a journey of self-love through the practice of self-care and wanted every woman to know of the effects.

More often than not, we find ourselves feeling guilting of taking time out for ourselves and putting ourselves first over others. In some cases, we lose ourselves in relationships and in motherhood – I should know, I have experienced both.

By nature, I like to help others and finding an effective way to heal internally, just by taking the time to look after ourselves. Like any journey, they will always be unique and what works for one, might not work for another. I have always expressed this and I have always maintained that self-care is a great addition to any therapies you currently explore.

Self-care is a journey and can form from the tiniest of acts but it’s the willingness to start that sparks your journey. That’s why I always say start small. My first true self-care act was a 30-minute coffee shop visit that I took alone one afternoon when the girl’s dad got back home. I was so desperate for some space away from two screaming babies and suffering from cabin fever.

That 30 minutes gave me the chance to breathe and think straight. Life can sometimes feel like we are on a treadmill and we can’t seem to locate the slow down button, stop or get off. Self-care allows us to do just that and actually gives us more motivation, more energy, more focus and enables us to achieve more than we could ever imagine.

Having the tools to spread the message of self-care means so much to me, I use this blog and my social media platforms and hearing back from those who are acting on this practice and hearing the amazing results from others, is truly inspiring to me. It keeps me going and equally spurs me on to keep practicing self-care. The journey is ongoing and we will always have wounds to heal no matter how big or small and ultimately, we can truly love ourselves.

The Power of Self-Care

100 Self-Care Ideas

Being invited into the local radio station’s studio was like a dream come true for me. My confidence wasn’t in the best shape for the past few years but I have been working on this a lot lately, so the radio appearance was timed perfectly. It was such an amazing opportunity to talk about this message and reach out to others. I was nervous, I’m not going to lie but thankfully it wasn’t live. It’s a surreal feeling hearing your own words speak back at you and they played my segment every half an hour for the morning and weekend.

Bucks mum in the final of National Business Awards

I definitely got the bug for it and would love to do it again. I have lots of plans to really work on my public speaking over the coming months and of course, will take you on my journey with me.

The MPower National Business Awards Gala is being held on 23rd June in London and I seriously, cannot wait. I am so grateful for this incredible opportunity and the wonderful team behind this whole event. I have no expectation of winning, being around so many inspiring women will be enough for me and be winning will be an absolutely delightful bonus.

Thank you to each and every one of you that supports what I do. You are all inspiring me and it means so much.

Light and love

Kat x


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