Proof That Women Supporting Women Really Works

Proof That Women Supporting Women Really Works
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Over the years I’ve had many intelligent, strong and successful women reach out to me. Why? I couldn’t have explained it before but now I can.


The thing is, we all know instinctively what’s good for us and what’s not. But sometimes we just need someone on our own wavelength to tell us what we already know for some reassurance that we do know the answer and to trust our instincts.

But it’s no wonder we sometimes feel confused, unsure and like an imposter. There is so much to be said for the media as we are constantly being bombarded with information from the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep. From our peers to parents and everyone else we come into contact with, someone else always seems to know better and potentially influences the way we think, act and approach life.

We need to allow ourselves to listen to our own instincts. Of course, there will be times where someone else’s experience of a similar scenario or situation will and provide us with a positive path and help us react to that situation in a beneficial way. We can learn from other peoples experiences, but it’s always best to take from those experiences what you need – rather than using them as a foolproof system. We need to take into consideration varying circumstances, social settings, values and beliefs as well as our own background and history.

Fortunately, in the western world, we are getting much better at supporting one another as women in business and in general life and as the saying goes, “like attracts like”. It may take time to surround yourself with the doer’s and the believers because not everyone has the same mindset, but when you do; it’s really very liberating.

Social Media

Contrary to what I just said about influences by the media, there is one tool that does provide us with an abundance of opportunities and that’s social media. One of the main reasons I love social media is for the pure reason it serves its purpose – connection. It has connected me with those supportive friendships that I have longed for in my life. The day I decided to go head first into Twitter was the day everything changed for me. I had always worked alone, I didn’t know anyone else like me (as in female 16 year olds wanting to be in business) and I felt too young to be at a women’s networking event. I thought women in business were successful multi-millionaires so why the jeffing hell would I attend?

But social media has connected me with some amazing women on my journey who inspire me, support me and who I can call my friends.  Social media has no filter, it doesn’t matter what your background, what your education, who you know and what part of the world you come from – it connects like-minded people and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Proof that women are supporting women each and every day and it’s only going to keep on getting stronger, especially with more millennials coming round to this way of thinking and taking charge of their destinies sooner rather than later thanks to the support of each other.  With a wealth of information and support at our fingertips, starting a business has become easier and easier as time has gone by. When I first started mine, it was a hard slog but it was worth it and what I learnt wasn’t something they could teach you at business school.

Don’t get me wrong, I have had my fair share of women who have used me, been bitchy and just downright nasty but I take lessons from this. It aids me in working out who are the not so genuine people as I see the good in everyone and neglect to remember that not everyone is kind. So I have to thank them for the experiences otherwise I would never have connected with the kind, caring and like-minded women that I have in my life.

I have a few ventures in place and I know that the people in my life support will encourage me and happen to be working on a new venture with one of my best friends which we are super excited about.

It’s a two-way street and we must support and empower one another equally – the most fundamental element of women supporting women.

In order to achieve something worthwhile today, ask yourself – “what can I do today to help someone I know that could do with some support?” It doesn’t have to be a physical help, it can be mental support too. Think about it and act on it.

What we give out, comes back tenfold, so make that giving selfless and supportive.

Proof That Women Supporting Women Really Works



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