Please Stop Saying Women Aren’t Strong & Being Feminine is Weak

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Being feminine is weak?

Where do I even start with this? It’s 2018 and some boys are still led to believe that girls are the weaker sex and I am sick of hearing people saying women aren’t strong and being feminine is weak. The media still strongly portrays certain clothing and toys to be boyish and dolls, dresses, and pink are for girls only. Even if dresses, pink and dolls were just for girls, where, in the small print does it say that being feminine is weak?

Practically on a daily basis, there is a young boy in my girls class who shouts from the rooftops that girls aren’t strong. Even despite the kind words from me about how he was wrong hasn’t put him off. His mother says nothing! She doesn’t breathe a single word or prevents him from spitting this vitriol directly to my girls.

I work very hard to raise strong, kind, caring children. For me, there is no limit to what my children can put their minds to. They are very balanced and loved children. They love all things Disney Princess, Top Gun, Mud Kitchens, Superheros (male and female), Football, Gymnastics, Blue, Pink, Red, Purple, Dolls, PJ Masks, Rough and tumble and so on. They love all their friend’s, love animals and are just such caring kind souls. You get the picture.

We are a house full of females, even the cats are girls. We don’t live in a palace of pink. It’s mainly greys, blues, and whites with some pinks but that’s totally irrelevant. Why?

Because I am the leader of this house. I am the queen of my very own castle.

I work damn hard every day to pay bills and put a roof over our heads. I am there for my family and friends in times of need. I get up each day and focus all my energy on my children, our home, and my work. I don’t stop until everything is done and then I go to bed.

I am strong in many ways, not just physically but mentally. I have recovered from clinical depression and PND alone, with no drugs or therapy.

So when I hear the lack of respect aimed at women about strength it really frustrates me that we aren’t doing enough about it.

Female energies are a blessing and being a female is something to be proud of not ashamed of.

Women in business don’t have to compete with male energy because we all offer something different.

I have managed people before and my diplomacy, tact, and understanding have actually won people over and I have got more out of them with this method.

If I want to wear a dress, make-up, wear pink, wear heels, paint my nails and generally look “feminine” that that is my choice. But so help me god, if you believe that by being feminine means I am somehow weak, you will live your existence unable to see the light within anybody due to your shallow mind.

I can create life inside my very own body and give birth to a human who I then go on to raise with changes in my life, body, and my mind.

As a parent for this next generation, we have a duty of care to make a difference to the already corrupt world we live in. People have sacrificed their lives to fight for equality and we need to honor and respect this.

I saw this video yesterday which made me cry tears of sadness and happiness at the same time. It truly is a must watch. A beautiful message, inspiring and strong women.

A woman, when treated right, can offer so much, I know the same applies to men but I would like this post to be about how the lack of respect towards women from some men that has a detrimental impact.

The words of which we speak must always be the truth but always be kind.

No matter if you are a male or female, we need to respect one another for our own unique abilities, be kind always, encourage and support one another as much as we possibly can.

I don’t want my girls to grow up having limiting belief of themselves and I will fight every inch of misogyny as best as I can so they never have to live a day in the shadows of a man.

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