What Makes a Creative Women’s Networking Event Amazing?

What Makes a Creative Women’s Networking Event Amazing? Reading Time: 5 minutes

Badass Warrior Women, that’s who!

Navigating my way through the entrepreneurial journey over the years has been like walking in the dark. Some days it feels like I’m reaching out, feeling about and banging into objects along the way in order to make some kind of sense of this whole minefield.  It can feel lonely and be isolating especially as an introvert.

Can I Call Myself an Entrepreneur?

I gave up on my business dreams after I had to close my first ever business when I was 21 but I did vow that one day when my circumstances were different, I would try again. At 35, I am trying all over again and 14 years on it’s very different.

In 2014, I started a blog whilst I was on maternity leave. I was unsure if I was going to be returning to work and actually, one of the blog posts I wrote about my experience became a highly viewed post. I shared how I was feeling and how I had been treated throughout my pregnancy.

Thankfully, blogging has created some incredible experiences for me and my family and led me down paths of opportunity which helped me make my decision not to return to “work”. 2015 saw me become a single parent fighting PND and feeling very lost. In the June I stumbled upon the Digital Mums Program which helps mums get back lost confidence and gain a very highly sought after skills in digital marketing. So I enrolled and it was one of the best things I could ever do for myself and by March 2016, I passed and became a Freelance Social Media Manager.

But my bug for e-commerce and experience for product selling has recently seen me launch a new business – Goodness Gracious Gift and actually, on top of my comic store, freelance work and being a blogger; I finally feel like I belong on the female entrepreneurial circuit.

Getting Yourself Out There

I do attend events as much as I can but I hadn’t been to a networking event for some time. With everything accelerating towards my dreams, getting the notification that Vicki from Honest Mum and Maggy from Red Ted Art were hosting a Creative Women’s Networking event, I knew the timing was perfect and I had to attend.

My wonderful friend Kelly-Ann (Kelly-Ann Schiavo) and I had already planned to meet in London that day for a catch-up and photography session. As the event was on the same day and in London, it was a no-brainer that we should both be there.

Vicki and Maggy prepared the event very well, it was all managed and we were informed of the day and what was expected. They advised that they wanted everyone to be involved and that meant standing up and giving a brief talk about who we are etc.

Public speaking isn’t something that I like doing but it’s something that I have been told I need to do and just 2 weeks prior to the event, the lovely Emily from Number Savvy Numerology had said this is my calling. It’s also something I have been considering for years. I have plans to start breaking down the walls that prevent me from public speaking and I knew going to this event would be the start of smashing down that wall.

Creative Women

I met up with Kelly-Ann and we both made our way to the venue. We were a bit late due to train station closures and getting a bit lost on the way. When we arrived the event was in full swing and the brief introductions were in play and my nerves were building and building.

My mind went blank and with each speech, I was feeling more and more out of my comfort zone and started to get imposter syndrome. What was I doing here? Who cares about what I have to say? These women are all amazing and I am not worthy of being here.

All that was going through my mind and by the time it got to me, I froze, forgot what I wanted to say and totally missed off a few things I wanted to say. But… I did it. I stood up, I spoke to a room full of strangers despite shaking and sounding nervous.  Everyone in the room was supporting each other, we were all in the same boat and I am so glad my experience of doing this was in a room full of such lovely, caring and genuine women.

Speakers, Vicki, Maggy and Stephanie were all inspiring and they all motivated me to keep believing, keep pushing and stay true to my vision and values. I came away with a new found respect for myself and confidence that if I can attend this event, I wanted to make sure I was going to be at the next. I cannot wait, I know it’s going to be incredible.

Creative Women's Networking Event

Photo Credit Kelly-Ann Schiavo


Creative Women's Networking Event

Photo Credit: Honest Mum

The more of these I experience, the better and meeting such talented women was indeed most inspiring. You may have read my latest post How Genuine is The Sisterhood and I am pleased to say, that I am lucky enough to have authentic and genuine women in my life. My family, my best friends, my close friends and amazing women that I get to network with on social media and at events are supportive, loyal, caring and inspiring.

After the event, Kelly and I headed out for some late lunch. I used my trusty Happy Cow app and found Wulf & Lamb a fully vegan restaurant. We both ordered the spicy burger which was just out of this world and I will definitely be returning here for some more vegan delights when I am next in London.

I took the Olympus with me but didn’t use it once, but we are planning another trip to London once it warms up a bit (hurry up spring) to get some snaps for our blogs and social media channels.

Creative Women's Networking Event

I even picked up some fabulous app and photography tips from Kelly-Ann. Kelly-Ann and I are very much accountability partners as well as friends; I am so lucky to have found her in this online world. I knew instantly that we would get on when I first connected with her on Twitter and I wasn’t wrong.

Creative Women's Networking Event

Check out Vicki at Honest Mum’s post about the Creative Women’s Networking event here.



  1. 1st March 2018 / 9:43 pm

    Awww you are just the cutest little blister feet I’ve ever met!! Such lovely kind words but always remember, like attracts like! Mwah…
    What an amazing day that was! I learned so much, met wonderful people and got to spend and entire day with you… can’t wait to do it all again sooooon! !

  2. 1st March 2018 / 9:53 pm

    What an amazing round-up of what was a magical day thanks to you all. I’m so glad you enjoyed the network, there will be many more. Don’t doubt yourself, everyone wanted to hear about your business, you are doing amazing things. I feel really lucky to have friends in you and KellyAnn, thanks for supporting mine and Maggy’s network, lots of love xx

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