How to Embrace Being an Empath: The Self-Care Edition

How to Embrace Being an Empath: The Self-Care Edition
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I know I am always banging on about self-care but hear me out.  In a world where everyone claims they want to empower you, it’s hard to figure out who means it and who doesn’t. In my own experience, it’s sadly been the latter on far too many occasions.  No offence to anyone but… I’m pretty sure certain that some people in my life have wanted me to fail.

But on the flip side, I know exactly who my true friends are that have always supported everything I do and have my back just as much as I have theirs.  So it’s not all doom and gloom – far from it. It’s just good to point out that not everyone who says they care actually does. That’s life, but when you learn the lessons and you discover who does – it’s a rather humbling and peaceful place.

That’s life, but when you learn the lessons and you discover who does – it’s a rather humbling and peaceful place.

I am really grateful and feel very lucky to have such amazing people in my life.

In a world of social media where everyone wants your business or likes etc, it’s hard to seek out the genuine people.  We can often invest our efforts in cheerleading those that actually don’t really care, appreciate or even notice us.

At times I find it difficult being an empath as I have to make sure people know how valued they are because I can sense their thoughts, feelings and emotions.  It’s something I’ve done from a young age and can at times feel draining.  I’m an open book – I wear my heart on my sleeve, I speak the truth even if it hurts, I put others first often, I can be sensitive at times, I read into things too much and I over think.

I always want others to succeed (as long as what they want to succeed in is genuine and doesn’t hurt others). 

Whenever I have helped others (which is a lot) I take pride in the fact I’ve been a part of their journey. I am not the reason they’ve had a result, that’s their doing and what really annoys me about some people, they take all the glory in someone’s success.  Does that make sense? Ever experienced that? Sucks don’t it?

How to Embrace Being an Empath: The Self-Care Edition

When you are one of the “givers” in life, it can be a mentally, emotionally and physically exhausting. I’m not going to lie.

My phone can ring a lot in one day, my email pings a lot, social media pings a lot. I’m relied upon a lot by others. But I enjoy it, it makes me feel good and if I can genuinely help someone then that’s an amazing thing to be able to do.  So I need to be able to embrace what I do but equally protect myself which means I need to practice self-care.

As a naturally a spiritual person and I’ve always steered towards a more holistic approach to self-care as much as I can. I practised yoga, meditation and mindfulness and found all these things really life changing. Aside from this, practising gratitude daily and setting myself daily goals really helps. I’m a focused and results driven person.

One of my favourite things to do and easiest is having a hot bubble bath with meditation music playing. I imagine the water taking all the negative energy away from me and the water cleanses me.

Water is a great tool to “wash away vibes”. If you are like me and “take on” others problems you will need to learn how to rid their energy. 

Another amazing tip is to sit on a chair, close your eyes and imagine you are sat in a beautiful garden filled with all your favourite plants and flowers. You are sitting on a bench and your bare feet are planted on the soft green grass and have become the roots of a tree. In front of you, there is a beautiful, clear blue slow flowing river. Imagine the sounds surrounding you and just sit until you feel ready to slowly open your eyes again.

You could imagine any of your thoughts – good or bad to jump in the river on small boats and watch them float away.

It’s hard to take time out when you have so many commitments and that’s why these exercises are easy but effective ways to practice self-care.

Above all… Be Your Own Idol!

When I first read this, it resonated not only for my own benefit but the message I have always tried to portray to others. You have the power within YOU!

“Be Your Own Idol!” Words from a ledge – Sophia Amoruso!

How to Embrace Being an Empath: The Self-Care Edition

What’s your top tip for practising self-care?

How to Embrace Being an Empath: The Self-Care Edition


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