Blog Birthday: Celebrating One Year

Blog Birthday: Celebrating One Year
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On March 31st, 2014 I started a parenting and lifestyle blog called Beau Twins. On the 10th April 2017, I started a new blog… – the one you are reading now making today my blog birthday and celebrating one year.  I made the decision to step away from predominately parenting blogging as I felt that my voice was more geared around self-development and my journey of working from home.

Creating wasn’t taken lightly, I knew I would lose everything that I built up over at Beau Twins such as my DA and PA score but I had to be true to myself and I have been and I am so pleased as I write this post because it is my 100th published post on

It feels like I have been writing this blog a lot longer than one year, I guess because I have been officially blogging for 4 years in March it feels longer.

Having a fresh start felt exciting and scary all at once. The unknown of how my new blog would be received. Questions like would people realise? would readers be disappointed? Thankfully due to my experience I have been able to accelerate my DA and my views didn’t take long to build up. I have been so thankful and grateful to everyone that has supported me on my new journey.

I have a passion for many things and that is evident on my blog but here is a summary of some of the subjects I cover.

Female Entrepreneur

Being a female entrepreneur myself, this is a subject close to my heart and one I could talk about for ages. I talk about women supporting women, self-care (a lot), blogging, wellbeing, social media, general advice and much more. Head over to the Female Entrepreneur section to get stuck into all the goodness. There are lots of posts to get stuck into as well as free resources all perfect for your female entrepreneurial journey.

Veganism and Cruelty-Free Lifestyle

Another huge passion of mine is the vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle that I lead. This section of the blog also contains a free guide to becoming a vegan. There is also information about B12, Protein, my personal journey, recipes, food hacks, breakfast and lunch ideas, buying/shopping guides and much more.

Self-Care and Self-Love

Self-Care has been high on my agenda especially from around 3 years ago. I’ve had my fair share of tough times over the years which I came to realise how poorly I was treating myself. It’s been a journey and a half but I am out the other side and I have shared everything I know that works. Ranging from therapy for mental health via holistic means, how to get over cheating partners, how to start putting yourself first and more.

Family and Home

Although I don’t blog as much about my family life as I once did on my previous blog, I still like to talk about what’s happening now and again. You will often find posts about home interiors, family days out, holidays and our general lifestyle.

Health and Wellbeing

I have crafted a lot of posts about general health and wellbeing. I have always been interested in leading a healthy lifestyle and most recently I have written about quitting alcohol, coffee, detoxed from toxic relationships, how to get better sleep, becoming vegan and much more.


I’ve made it no secret I am a single parent to my twins and I have shared some of my journey and experience with readers. Raising awareness for single parents is important to me as I felt so lonely at the beginning and there appeared to be so much bad press for single parents both male and female.

I wanted to take this chance to say a great big thank you to every single person that reads my blogs and follows my journey. I truly am honoured and it means so much to me, more than you will ever realise.

Today I am lunching with the girls and my amazing friend Mary and her little girl. Mary also happens to be the wonderful woman that inspired me to start blogging so I owe her a huge thank you. Mary blogs over at MyModelMummy and Camping and Cruising. Please go and check her out.

Light and love always.

Kat xo


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