10 Reasons Why Working With Bloggers Is Good For Your Brand

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Working with Bloggers

More and more businesses/brands are taking advantage of the “power of the blogger” and rightly so. Most bloggers that write great content, and have a loyal following will be sought after to a business looking to add value, meaning working with bloggers is good for brands.

Four years ago, I had no idea what a blogger “really” did. The level of influence they can potentially offer to readers and brands is impressive.  A good blogger will express a healthy interest in the brand’s campaign and for the return, expect great creative content; which is then shared with their readers – the brand’s target audience.

In the past, I have seen articles about PRs not appreciating bloggers and bloggers being rude to PRs. Maintaining a level of professionalism, with mutual understanding and respect is required for a recipe for success.

These past four years I have worked with some really wonderful PR companies and brands, we have a great rapport and I often get repeat business. Sometimes for those PRs, I can also be found doing some articles without remuneration and I am also happy to publish last minute articles for them. It’s a two-way street.

Of course, I have encountered the not so nice ones, but they are in the minority. It’s generally a lovely industry to be part of and I am so grateful for the opportunities that have come my way because of it.

For the brands/business that have yet to take the plunge into working with bloggers, I wanted to highlight some key factors of why you should be. See this as a mini-CV and just a handful of reasons working with bloggers is good for brands.

  • Business acumen: We have an understanding of business. Effectively we are running our blogs as a business. It has expenditure, revenue, it needs to be marketed, we need to understand the needs of clients, we rely on the “sales” for income, have to be financially responsible for our accounts, and in some cases (not in my case may I add) some even employ staff.
  • Passionate: We are passionate about what we do and our readers. Making sure we are working with brands that are relevant and that we can offer something of value to our readers.
  • Investing: We invest not just time, but money too. We invest in equipment, domains, platforms etc to ensure we deliver a good service all round.
  • Creative: Visually and literally bloggers are generally creative. Coming up with new and fresh ideas for blog post ideas and setting new benchmarks all the time.
  • Ideas: Usually our heads are racing full of ideas on what to write, how we will write it and how to present it. Half the problem is the wonderful commodity of time!
  • Driven: Essentially for anyone that cares enough for their blog, they will ultimately treat it like it’s their “baby”, not an actual baby of course, but it’s something they have grown, created, nurtured and put blood, sweat and tears into.
  • Hard working: Blogging isn’t easy work and sometimes it’s not actually physically rewarding. Sometimes we get writer’s block, we battle with ourselves if the hours invested are worth it – just like anything in life. But the hard work does pay off, and I personally have sacrificed much-needed sleep to get a blog post written, and I know that can be said for SO many bloggers I know and love.
  • On trend: We tend to be current and bang on trend in the field we like writing about because we have a genuine interest and passion in the subject. Which is generally reflective of the posts we write.
  • Reaching audiences: As we generally have a strong presence on social media, our followers are our readers and more often than not; they have become our friends. If they like what we write, the content will be shared on further, to reach an even larger audience. We are especially engaging too, proactive rather than passive.
  • Social Media knowledge: We all know how important social media is for business in this day and age. Bloggers have their very own social media network of followers and generally across ALL platforms. We are covering all the angels and have relevant content to spread across all the big ones like Facebook, Twitter, InstagramYouTube and Pinterest. You are effectively buying into that network that blogger has built up.

Choosing the right blogger for your business can prove to be really beneficial. We have experience of working with a variety of brands from various backgrounds and budgets. A worthwhile investment indeed.

As a blogger, what would you add to this list? and as a business/brand – would you now consider working with a blogger if you haven’t already?

(Post first published on Beau Twins in 2015)

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