3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Blogs SEO Today

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What is SEO? – Search Engine Optimisation.

To quote from Moz.com

SEO is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO encompasses both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines.

Why do we need SEO?

In a nutshell: To boost our visibility, ranking and increase our online presence to drive our target audience to our website via search engines.

Search engines are generally the starting point for anyone looking for information online and a user will use keywords and phrases in order to seek out that information. If you are preparing your website well enough in order to be found, then how can you attract readers or customers?

If you want to get really techy on SEO then do take a look at Moz.com or other reputable sites for more information but stick with me if you just need a basic overview.

I am no expert on SEO, but what I have taken from my research and learnings over the past 4 years has been condensed down for simplicity, and has been successful to my own applications, that you can easily implement with little effort and without involving an SEO company.

For some reason, a lot of us seem to be put off with dealing with our website/blog SEO and like anything in life, it’s easy once you know how. I think the potential technicality of SEO is the reason why so many would rather not tackle it.

But… SEO is something to be embraced rather than avoided if you want online success – see it as another key way to drive traffic to your blog/website.

So, how can you boost your SEO?

If you are starting to cut your teeth on SEO now, then you should have a clear idea of your target audience – if you don’t then download my User Persona worksheet on: www.katrinabruni.com/freeresources.

Your target audience and content will define your content and keywords.

These tips are ideal for those already a bit more tech savvy than bloggers at the very early stages of their journey but, can still be used for later on when you are more confident about your blog. My top tip for any beginners that happen to have landed here today would be: Before anything, focus on your user persons and goals and get your content published on your blog – get the pages filled and then some back this.  Blogging is not a get rich quick fix, bloggers are passionate about what they do, blogging is a way to share ideas, knowledge and expertise and with a lot of hard work, you make some money on the way.

Writing on your blog and creating content that your readers are going to want to engage with is paramount. 

3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Blogs SEO Today

Keywords & Content (On Page SEO)

So, you’ve got your content but not sure how to weave in the keywords… I highly suggest using the user persona and thinking about all the things your target audience would be searching for – write a list and then head over to AdWords and familiarise yourself with the Keyword Planner. Utilise those keywords within your pages as this will help Google crawl your site for keyword searches.

Google Index

In order for your website to show up in search results on the leading search engine, Google – you will need to index your site if you haven’t already. This is a simple task and all you need to do is Submit URL Here.

Backlinks (Off Page SEO)

In an ideal world, you need to have links from other sites directed to your website. But at the beginning that can be quite daunting.

I would highly suggest commenting on popular blogs/web pages within the blog categories that you blog about.  In most comment sections, it will have the option to leave your URL.

You could also write for other online publications and get your name and social media feeds noticed.

Ensure your website URL is on other web pages, forums, online directories, social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – wherever your website link is shared, Google will see that as a major positive.

MEGA TOP TIP: Make sure you have high-quality links as Google will deem it as spam if it doesn’t look organic or you will get hit by a penalty.

In addition to these handy SEO tips, I have added some more to my SEO Extra Guide which can be downloaded today.



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