Why Did I Become Vegan?

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Why Did I Become Vegan? Often, I think back to vegans from the past, vegan’s that were already part of the revolution way back when. For me, I owe so much gratitude to them, because without their passion, drive, courage and strength; I strongly believe we would not be so free in our choices today.

My heart has always laid heavy over any type of suffering and I strive for a happier existence. Since I can remember I have always had a passion for animals – I even started a no dropping litter campaign with friends when I was just 6. I love animals and it pains me when I know there has been suffering. 

Why Did I Become Vegan?

By nature, I am spiritual and strongly believe in a greater good and a better world and I feel stronger in my quest for this, than I ever did before. Maybe that’s because more people are speaking up and more people aren’t conforming to society which has created more solidarity and a greater reason to fight for the same desire.

Whilst over the years I have dipped in and out of being a vegetarian and had ideals of being a vegan, I could never quite master the switch. I didn’t have a vegan role model to be guided by and just accepted that this is who I was, this is what I ate.  Something inside of me knew I wasn’t comfortable with that and it wasn’t until I gave birth to my twins that I properly valued life  – post to follow.

I also knew what I had been doing to my body over the years wasn’t good – drugs, smoking, alcohol and food choices hadn’t been the best I could have made.  Aside from animal welfare, being an animal lover and wanting to be a healthier version of myself, there are also political reasons I have chosen a plant-based diet and to live cruelty-free.

But what really pushed me to make the final decision and stick to it?

I exposed and educated myself over the past few years to the truth and even though I knew the truth I still wasn’t fully vegan – holding onto old habits like a brainwashed drug addict. Until I watched this video from James Aspey and I can’t thank him enough for everything he does and everything he stands for.

A no-frills kind of guy, wears his heart on his sleeve and speaks so much sense. If you are still on the edge of making positive choices, I strongly recommend watching this or even if you are already vegan, affirming your choices is always a good practice.

Love and Light.

Kat x




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