Vegan Yumbox Ideas Ideal for Kids and Adults

Vegan Yumbox Ideas Ideal for Kids and Adults Reading Time: 4 minutes

I don’t know about you, but I feel like my life revolves around food and even more so since having children. We definitely love our food in this household – healthy and nourishing food is always at the heart of our meals come breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Feeding children can be tricky at the best of times as they try out new flavours and figure out what they like and what they don’t like. It’s all one giant experiment and what one child likes another will dislike. I have done my best to feed my children a variety of foods and they thankfully love everything I give them, with the exception of the odd thing here and there.

When I discovered the bento box, I knew lunch times were going to start getting a little more interesting for the girls. I found sitting them down at the table three times a day a touch laborious but I couldn’t see how having daily indoor teddy bear picnics could be feasible. The bento box has transformed our lunchtimes and I have noticed a huge improvement in food consumption – they don’t leave a thing, everything is gobbled up, which is just wonderful!

As vegans, I wanted to share with you some lunch box ideas that you or any of your family could enjoy and prove that being vegan isn’t dull and the food is colourful and delicious. It’s actually quite surprising how much is already vegan and the small switches you can make for the current non-vegan foods you may be consuming.

You’ll have to excuse my food photography – it’s not my strong point, but I hope each box looks inviting and you’ll be curious to create your very own using these as a starting point. I would love it if you shared your box creations with me via Instagram – feel free to tag me @katrina_bruni


Here are the boxes I have shared on my Instagram so far and details of what’s inside. I have also included links to recipes where I have featured them in the box. For a full list of recipes, visit my vegan recipe and food section on the blog. Just in case you are not vegan and interested in making this lifestyle change for the animals, yourself and the planet, then I would love for you to download my free guide on How to Go Vegan in 6-Weeks (although – it takes as long as it has to in all honesty).

What’s Inside Each Box?


Peanut satay marinated Tofo pieces

Tofu and homemade sala tortilla wrap

Homemade tabbouleh

Chopped cucumber, tomato, and olives

Chopped nectarine and grapes




Cold pasta using nutritional yeast and pure margarine

Rice crackers

Leftover veg from dinner the previous night

Vegan protein bar

Raspberries and pomegranate seeds

Vegan chocolate ganache

Red grapes and pomegranate seeds

Chopped tomato and cucumber



Mixed bean and avocado salad

Twiglets and wholemeal crackers

Vegan yogurt with fresh blueberries

Mini Oreo’s



Unsalted mixed nuts

Flavoured rice crackers

Tomato, cucumber, and olives

Mini Oreo’s

Fresh blackberries and blueberries

Vegan jelly



Pitta bread

Stuffed vine leaf

Homemade Mediterranean veg with Freekah

Falafel and artichoke



Mango and pineapple



Rice cakes and fruit yo-yo

Vegan yogurt with fresh blueberries

Pitta bread and hummus

Mango and grapes

Tomato and cucumber




Homemade Pulled Jackfruit tortilla wraps

Homemade tabbouleh

Vegan chocolate truffles

Ryvita with meridian peanut butter

Chopped fresh apricot and blueberries




Vegan strawberry yogurt with chopped fresh strawberries

Red grapes and raspberries

Raspberry mini oat bites

Soup pasta with tomato

Tomato and red pepper

Strawberry fruit bites



Blueberry vegan yogurt with fresh raspberries

Fresh chopped pineapple

Unsalted mixed nuts



Cucumber and orange pepper



Strawberry vegan yogurt with chopped fresh strawberry

Strawberry fruit yo-yo and a box of raisins

Butter beans with vegan butter and tomato puree


Chopped cucumber

Vegan chocolate ganache with a chopped strawberry



Fruit yo-yo

Fresh blueberries and raspberries

Pitta bread



Chopped cucumber




Strawberry yogurt

Chopped fresh mango

Mangetout and olives

Vegan cheese sandwich

Mini Oreo’s

Chopped cucumber

Vegan chocolate ganache


As taste buds change and new recipes are discovered, I will be updating this page on a regular basis so be sure to bookmark it if you are looking for vegan lunchbox ideas.

So many people have commented about how amazing these lunchboxes are – I get asked all the time where they are from. (P.S: this is not a sponsored post – I just love these boxes and paid full price for each box).

Please note: Always check the ingredients before buying items as they may change. Most manufacturers are improving packaging labels which is making it easier to decipher. I have sourced products and ensured they are vegan-friendly, have figured out they are vegan by looking at the ingredients list, that they clearly state they are vegan or the blindingly obvious things like fruit, veg, and pulses – which are clearly vegan.

Check out Accidently Vegan for products you didn’t know were, well, accidentally vegan! You’ll be really surprised what’s featured.


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