My New Business: Goodness Gracious Gift

My New Business: Goodness Gracious Gift
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I’m super excited to tell you all about my new business, Goodness Gracious Gift but before I do, I just wanted to talk about how I got here in the first place. Every good business has a story behind it right?

Since I was 14, I dreamt of running my own business. This most likely had something to do with the fact my dad has runs his own successful business and has done since he was 22. It’s had a huge influence on me and for all the right reasons.

My first venture was at 21 and it was an import business – I sold goods online. This was around 15 years ago and proudly, I made a success of it. Due to circumstances, I couldn’t continue but it didn’t stop me from having that dream.

After having my twin girls in 2013, I was unsure of what my future held in terms of my career. There was no way I could go back to my global advertising position. There was so much travel involved and I would be away from the girls a lot. After careful consideration, I decided to leave and become a stay at home mum.

As I wasn’t working, the one thing keeping me sane and what made me feel like I was contributing was my blog that I started in March 2014 – Beau Twins.

In 2015, I went on to do a Social Media Manager course with Digital Mums and began working freelance. As well as making money from my blog, I had another source of income. In 2017, I decided to cease my original blog and start again – the one you are reading now is the one I have been most fond and proud of despite Beau Twins catapulting me into the blogosphere.

I have been working on various projects and sharing my knowledge here at it’s certainly felt more natural talking about the subjects I am passionate and knowledgeable about.

Goodness Gracious Gift

Which leads on to the birth of my new business Goodness Gracious Gift.  In 2014 I was diagnosed with PND and I have been a sufferer of depression over the years. In 2016 I ended the relationship with the girl’s father after repeatedly telling him I needed a break – one which he put his needs over mine despite knowing I was raising the girls alone.

My journey of true self-care began when I had finally reached a breaking point. I knew I had to start doing more to look after myself.

What I discovered was that you need to be fairly self-motivated in order to do that and not everyone is forthcoming when it comes to self-care. We seem to think we must crack on, never give up, have no time to stop or that we aren’t deserving of it.

That’s why I created these boxes – they are the perfect, most thoughtful and caring way of telling your loved ones just how much you mean to them and encourage them or even yourself to practice self-care.

To find out more please visit

If you fancy your chances at winning one of these boxes then click here to enter.

Good luck!


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  1. 6th February 2018 / 9:46 pm

    Yay, amazing news gorgeous, well done! Just been to the site and the boxes look wonderful. Everyone needs an ethical self-care box xx

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