Non-Vegans Admit The Meat and Dairy Industry is Wrong

Non-Vegans Admit The Meat and Dairy Industry is Wrong Reading Time: 4 minutes

Even most non-vegans admit the meat and dairy industry is wrong so why have I come under a lot of scrutinies since becoming vegetarian and then vegan? My thoughts are, that it’s because I am doing something that goes against what we have become accustomed to, and that seems radical to some. Like when I quit drinking alcohol, some people couldn’t understand it, but over time they have come to realise and see the benefits. If anything, it’s inspired them to reduce intake or even quit themselves. The same has happened with going plant-based which I will always be so grateful for.

The thing is, we aren’t stupid, are we? Yet every day, we are brainwashed. We know something is wrong yet we still proceed to do that wrong thing because we get some kind of made up enjoyment out if it.


Smoking – causes cancer and much other horrendous illness – but smokers justify their habit because they seem to think they enjoy smoking.

Drinking Alcohol – again, is known to cause cancer, liver disease, tear families apart – but drinkers justify the habit because they enjoy the feeling and seem to think they deserve it.

Consuming Meat – as more and more research is conducted, we are increasingly becoming more aware of the effects consuming meat has. Most, if not all processed meats and red meats are as lethal as plutonium since being registered under group 1 and 2 carcinogens by the FSA which brings the same risk to cancer as smoking and drinking alcohol does.

Google Group 1 and Group 2 meat carcinogenic and you’ll see reports from 2015 where they are saying limited research but further evidence has developed since that report 3 years ago and it’s also a biased report. Shirking its responsibility as the WHO.

Consuming Milk – milk was intended for a baby cow to grow rapidly. End of. Milk is not for human consumption and any so-called nutrients we might get from milk, can be received drinking and eating other goods and drinks without harming these beautiful animals and stealing from baby calves.

Just so you know, regulators of the industry allow a certain amount of puss and blood to pass through milk which you end up drinking. It’s undetected by you, but it’s there – so remember that the next time you eat something with milk or drink milk.

Can I just add that don’t you think it’s sadistic that we steal a baby from its mother, slaughter the baby, send the mother off to be milked by a machine for a different species and then kill her when we are done and use her skin to wear on our own bodies or make handbags from it? What did that sentient being ever do to you? 

Often, I am asked why I became vegan and when I start giving my valid, factual reasons, people are often shocked because they simply weren’t aware and that’s fine – I didn’t once. One large concern I have is how we are controlled by the government and these large corporations and pharmaceuticals.

We need to wake up and take control of what we are doing to ourselves. I am including myself in this because I still eat certain fats that I shouldn’t but 80% of my diet is really healthy. I’m not saying that we should all live off salad forever but you can make some really simple switches every day.

I still eat ice cream and it tastes even better than milk ice cream, plus it’s free from cruelty and good for my karma.

I still eat crisps! Even non-vegans can’t get over what they put milk into – yep, milk can be found in crips and so many other products you have no idea why. Obviously, I eat crisps that are vegan. 

I still eat cheese and actually, even my girls prefer the cheese we eat even though they have eaten both – they still choose vegan cheese.

I even eat chocolate – not a lot has changed just I don’t eat anything that was once a breathing, living, innocent being or anything that was derived from that being or any other animal. We are here to protect animals not harm them.

Innocent children who have eaten meat and dairy make better choices than some adults who are in full view of the facts of what happens in the dairy and meat industry. That speaks volumes in my eyes. We need to make better choices and stop burying our heads in the sand.

Educate yourselves on what you are doing to the animals that suffer immensely at the mercy of your choices. Educated yourself, for you and your children and of course our planet. There is NO PLANET B.

Watch these amazing films to help you understand what the meat, dairy and health industry are doing to us all. 5 Films You Need To Watch 

For the animals, for the planet, for our existence.

Light and love

Kat xo


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