My Vegan Update: The Latest Update of My Journey

My Vegan Update: The Latest Update of My Journey
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It’s been around 8 months I’ve been 100% vegan or as near to 100%.  I started eliminating dairy a while back but was still consuming bits here and there but for arguments sake, let’s just say it’s been 8 months.  I’ve been a vegetarian on and off most my life but again, 100% vegetarian for the past 5 years.

My Vegan Update

I just wanted to add a little update about how everything is going so far. These might help if you are considering a vegan lifestyle or at the start of yours.

Initial Hurdles

I faced a few and strangely these were friends that couldn’t understand why I took the leap from vegetarian to vegan.

It was academic to me as I was on my own personal journey, so it didn’t occur to me it would bother other people. But I was wrong. Apparently, when you make positive personal life changes it becomes everyone’s business and they like to attack you for it.

I’ve never sat down and criticised or questioned a meat eater and their choices so why would it be ok to do the same to a vegan?

Sadly, it’s inevitable. People are fascinated by those that don’t conform to society. I somehow broke the brainwashing effects and can see the world in a different light. It’s scary at first to think we walk with those that are happy for animals to be harmed for personal gains and selfish choices. It’s even more painful to think I was one of them but I made the changes – better later than never.

Health Gains

I’ve not exactly looked after my body quite how I should have over the years. I’ve burnt the candles at both ends, drank alcohol and consumed bad food to boot. On the sip side I have also looked after my body by eating what I thought was healthy and worked out. After the girls were born, I just thought my body is ruined now so what’s the point. I consumed all the kinds of things I shouldn’t have like chocolate, cakes, cheese, crisps. Scary they all start with C!

I gained weight, a flight of stairs and I’d be breathless, my joints hurt, my sciatica was agony in and I was having to take painkillers daily due to the pain I was in.

Since I’ve changed my lifestyle to a vegan one I’ve lost weight, don’t feel lethargic all the time, no longer have joint pain, my sciatica pain isn’t nearly half as bad and frequent and I’ve not had breathlessness at all. I’m more alert, sleep better, my anxiety levels have subsided. I no longer get this weird pins and needles in the top of my spine. It’s no coincidence either as I’ve had these symptoms for 3 years and since becoming vegan these have all pretty much gone.

Body Respect

I’ve gained a lot of respect for my body over the past few months. It’s made me realise what I’ve been allowing into my body.

It’s freighting in all honesty, I’m not going to get political, but I’m just glad I now know; because I can make those changes and lead a happier, healthier life with my girls and family.

I made the decision to detox from a fair few things that were still in my diet too. I no longer drink tea and just recently detoxed from coffee.

Alcohol is a biggie, I can go weeks and weeks and months when pregnant knowing how much better I feel from not drinking. But as soon as I seem to have a drink, I start drinking again. It’s not loads, but I don’t want to drink. I know it’s not good for me, I know it’s bad for my anxiety so why do I do it?

My next mission is to only drink on special occasions and I’m only drinking champagne of prosecco (vegan friendly of course).

It’s going to take some research and planning but I’m sure I can do it.

Sugar is next on my list. I don’t really eat that much anyway, so it shouldn’t be too hard. It’s just the odd foods here and there.


As much as I buy good quality fruit and veg, I need to start ordering organic boxes again. I feel much more creative and confident with vegan dishes now so it should be much easier to work with seasoned fruit and veg.


On a scale of 1-10 I feel like an 8 once I’ve nailed no booze and got back exercising again I’ll be feeling so much better.

There are so many vegan resources now, it’s easier than ever to change your lifestyle for the better. I’ve always been a follower of James Aspey who I couldn’t recommend more highly! Also, be sure to check out these educational, inspiring and moving vegan films.



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