The Mothers That I Will Be Thinking Of On Mother’s Day (Friends not Food)

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Soon it will be Mother’s Day here in the UK and the most ironic thing about the day is that most mothers will be sat around a table with her children eating the flesh of an animal, as the family Sunday roast.

Whatever meat you choose, that meat is an animal and was once a living sentient being that had a mother or was a mother. That’s food for thought, isn’t it?

If it was so damn “natural” to eat meat and consume dairy, then why do people get upset when they connect the food to the plate? You would never hear someone say… “Shhhh, don’t tell Poppy where carrots come from, you’ll give her nightmares!” do you?

We’ve spent years burying our heads in the sand. We don’t want to confront the fact that what is happening to these innocent animals is sick and twisted.

But thanks to social media and the internet, you and I have been educated to the cruel, barbaric and mercilessness acts that go on behind the high walls that cocoon the evil that is inflicted upon helpless sentient beings.

If you ever want to look into veganism, then please listen to Ed – he is very articulate, factual and makes an amazing argument! Please watch.

Some of us chose to do something about it whilst other chose to turn a blind eye and carry on burying their heads in the sand and pleading ignorance. After all making healthier, non-animal product choices it’s far to difficult, isn’t it? Having to walk down a different aisle and select a different milk or chose nutritious vegetables, legumes, pulses and fruit, over meat and dairy. Can you hear my eyes rolling? I hope so!

In this post, I wanted to share my thoughts on milk!

You may or may not know, the cow’s milk that sits in your fridge right now comes from a cow that was raped!

Yup… Cows are raped.Forcibly impregnated by humans so that they can carry a calf for 9 months (the same as a woman) only for her baby to be torn away from her within hours of her giving birth; just so that they can hook her onto a machine and pump her udders and take the milk she produces that was designed and made for her calf, but instead, it is being stolen for human consumption.

That sounds really ethical, doesn’t it?

Please watch this video as this Doctor explains the implications caused by drinking milk, I especially found the issues women can come across drinking milk. Pumping your body full of hormones which can cause breast lumps, increased uterus size, fibroids which can lead to hysterectomies. A must watch!

Also, hands up who finds it hilarious that some people can’t stand seeing new mums feed their newborn babies the milk from the mother’s breast…

Mother's Day

…yet they think it’s totally fine for us to feed our babies with another animal’s milk?

Mother's Day

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Also, what is the difference between drinking cows milk to pig milk for instance? I’ll tell you why, because you have been brainwashed (like I was) since the day you were born into believing that eating meat and consuming dairy is normal. But it’s not. It’s really quite scarily not normal.

Mother's Day

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Since becoming vegan, I have been passionate about discussing this subject not to annoy people, but to pass on the wisdom that I have discovered. I don’t really talk about it to people unless asked but I do share on my blog and social media channels.

I guess I get concerned that people assume you are doing it to annoy them but that’s not the case at all. Hand on heart, I wish someone would have told me sooner as it makes me sick to my stomach that I had any involvement in consuming anything animal related. I should have been in full receipt of the facts in order to give me a choice. It’s my human right to have a choice in what I consume.

I find it scary that the FSA advise us to eat and drink certain foods because it’s healthy for us when in fact the one place we should be relying on for advice is the one place we should avoid.  Large corporations sponsor a lot of health organisations which again is very frighting.  I find it so frustrating that we are all led to believe in living a standard when in actual fact it’s frankly a load of bullshit.

Even if you decided to continue drinking milk and eating eggs and consuming the flesh of animals, at least I know I did warn you and I myself have nothing to do with the infliction that is out on animals for human vanity.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day

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